Sci-fi USB Light Speaker keeps things real enough

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Actually simple is good enough when it comes to producing stuff that claims to be inspired by sci-fi. Over detailing inevitably leads to tacky stuff. USB LED Light Tube Speaker keeps design simple and attractive and yet produces a dazzling effect. Coming from Brando the USB LED Light Tube Speaker is cool without being sloppy. Fitting for a geeky room, the speaker creates a wonderful blue glow that seems almost eerie. The glow’s powered by your usual suspect – the USB and the speaker uses the regular 3.5mm audio out module. It stands in at – Tube: 150 x 45 x 45 mm (approx.) and Base: 72 x 78 x 25 mm (approx.). What more, it is compatible with a variety of devices. At $22 it is not too expensive and trust us, you could do a lot worse (read tackier) at that price.

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Via: Gizmodo/ Coolest-gadgets

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