Snowmobile keeps you mobile even in snowy winters

snow scooter 2 BEFKY 58
Winters may be a cause of apprehension and agony to the meek-hearted, but the snowy season also provides an opportunity to the brave and the adventurous to take on the wild furies of untamed nature. If you are one of those who come out and face the challenges of winter, designer Dominic Schindler has come up with a stylish snow scooter that will let you enjoy your adventurous expeditions. Hailed as the ‘Snowmobile,’ the snow scooter not just touts a unique design but is also equipped with modern technology as well. Moving on treds at the front and skis at the rear, the Snowmobile gives ample space to carry your skis and snowboard, so you may also enjoy skiing on the slopes. Apart from adventurous sports, users can use the snow scooter as a means of winter transportation. Everything about the Snowmobile looks perfect except for the fact that you will not be able to enjoy a ride on it this season. The snow scooter is just a concept for now and there is no info if it would ever go into production.

snow scooter SvvXk 58
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Via: Core77

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