Steaming hot steampunk teapot

steampunk teapot 02
Taking on the absurd intricacy, the unique teapot by Cincinnati-based freelance designer Michael Morarity draws inspiration from steampunk to divulge the sham sophistication of the modern era through an art work. Featuring a temperature gauge, spout cover with release key and a percolation window, the steampunk teapot not only prepares tea for you, but also brings the elegance of the Victorian era to your home appliance. “Tea is inserted via the top ‘hatch’ and when the temperature is high enough, the release key that controls an internal seal is manually pulled and hot water percolates through, rotating the key as it does so.”

steampunk teapot 01
steampunk teapot 04
steampunk teapot 03

Via: Sicdsgn

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