Timex ‘2154’ is everything in the digital world then

timex 2154  01
Commissioned by Timex to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand, designer Mark Eyman has devised the watch of 2154 that is more of an interface device than a regular timepiece. For the futuristic watch is designed to provide information visually projected onto your retina, other than working as a hands-free mobile phone as it comfortably hangs onto your ear. Finished with controllable metal-plastic composite, the “Timex 2154” not only straps around your wrist in the “travel mode” but also acts as an interface device. Moreover, this future Timex watch incorporates synthetic neurons with a powerful quantum processor managing your digital life.

timex 2154  02
timex 2154  03
timex 2154  04

[Thanks Mark]

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