Veeo concept car hides a modified world within its round makeover

veeo concept car

Inspired by a bee’s morphology, Colombian designer Catalina Nuñez Galvez is out there with a concept car that is designed to allow safer as well as extended inner space for commuters. Dubbed “Veeo,” the futuristic car accommodates four passengers comfortably on its reclining seats, which you may further slide or adjust to carry your pets and even a bicycle at the rear. The urban vehicle comes with a single in/out door and has a maximum weight capacity of 375kgs. Though we are scant on other technical specs, the Veeo touting a sleek and compact design seems to be an ideal city car for the future.

veeo concept car 01
veeo concept car 02
veeo concept car 03
veeo concept car 04
veeo concept car 05
veeo concept car 06
veeo concept car 07

[Thanks Catalina]

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