Steampunk Lamp to add a Victorian charm to your living space

steampunk lamp with 2 circuits

A handcrafted lamp or any other handcrafted thing always adds a certain charm to any room. But if you are sci-fi genre lover and want something hand-crafted, it is tough to get any such thing easily. Etsy is selling a handcrafted Steampunk Lamp that comes with two different light displays: one standard 40W bulb, and the second is a set of 4 red LEDs hidden in light tubes.

The visible gears give it a different look, and it can be hung from the roof as it has a three foot decorative chain attached to top. The body of the lamp is simple metal lamp with glass sides – one of them hinged to open. Watch gears, decorative gears, springs, wires and other things have been soldered together to offer the steampunk look.

steampunk lamp with 2 circuits 01

steampunk lamp with 2 circuits 02

Via: Etsy

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