Blink bike helmet helps bike riders to drive safe

blink 01

Ever wondered what could be the next innovation in a bicycle helmet? Well, the answer is in “Blink”, a prize winning bicycle helmet design at the Seoul Cycle design contest. While the helmet itself serves the basic purpose of protecting the rider’s head, there is more to this special helmet which increases the safety of the rider, especially at night.

The helmet comes with an indicator for the riders. When the rider has to turn left, he touches the helmet once on the left blinker. Then the blinkers go on to indicate the left movement of the rider. Similarly, there is a right indicator too. Tapping again on the same indicator turns the indicator off. The position of the lamps are such that they provide very good visibility for better safety. Additionally, the helmets also include a tail lamp, a bright LED lamp and a front lamp, a LED lamp too. Once you strap on this helmet, you hardly need any lamp related accessories. So strap on, safety is on!

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