Steel Gazebos vs Timber Gazebos

Steel Gazebos vs Timber Gazebos

A gazebo is a wonderful feature to have in any home. It offers so many benefits and can significantly improve family time and bonding.

With how hot it can get during summer, having a gazebo in your backyard will allow you to enjoy the weather without getting sunburned. Visit to learn about the weather conditions of different Australian cities during the summer. If you are considering getting a gazebo in your home, we totally understand why.

Getting started may however be confusing since there are so many options to pick from. Apart from style, size, and other important factors, you also need to decide what material this structure should be made of. Steel and Timber are among the most popular options that you will have to choose from.

So, when thinking of getting a gazebo, you have to decide whether to go for one made of steel or timber. While the choice is left to you to make, knowing certain things can help you make an informed choice.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing these different materials to enable you decide which to go for.

Steel vs Timber: Which is the Right Material for Your Gazebo?

There are so many things to consider when deciding which material to go for. The truth is, that both materials have their benefits and drawbacks. So, your choice will typically be determined by your preferences and needs.

However, for you to determine your preference, you need to know some important facts about the materials. This way, you can decide which one best fits your style as well as your needs.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the things you have to consider to make the best choice between a steel and timber gazebo.

1.     Style

You have to consider the style and design of your home and even your personal style when making this decision. Timber gazebos typically have a traditional style. They can be painted to match the design and style of the home and backyard. So, if you are aiming for a more traditional look, you’d achieve it with this.

Steel gazebos on the flip side are more modern looking. Their sleek look goes perfectly with contemporary designs. You can achieve a sophisticated and clean aesthetic with one of these.

2.     Maintenance

The next thing to consider is how much time you want to dedicate to keeping the structure in top-notch condition.

A timber gazebo requires more maintenance. This is because the material is susceptible to various environmental issues including termite attack, water damage, and mold. To keep the structure in pristine condition, you would need to properly care for it yearly.

You may have to repaint or re-stain it every two years. You may also have to replace some parts as the wood can crack or get damaged.

A steel gazebo, on the other hand, is less work and maintenance. As long as it is properly built and correctly installed, you won’t need yearly maintenance or repair. They do not wrap, rot, and termites can’t attack them.

3.     Assembly


Assembling a wooden gazebo can be quite the task, and may involve some tricky processes. Sometimes, you’d have to sand and stain the wood in the kit before you assemble them.

But a metal gazebo is quite easy to assemble. As long as you get a good steel gazebo fabrication product, you won’t spend a lot of time or money getting it assembled. You can even assemble it all by yourself. Even if you were to get a professional to assemble it for you, you wouldn’t spend that much on labor costs.

4.     Durability

When it comes to durability, steel gazebos are way more durable. Wood as a material is susceptible to various weather and environmental conditions. You would have to properly care for the structure for it to stay in good shape and last for several years.

But steel is a very durable material. So, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also doesn’t fade due to sun rays or rot, unlike wood.

While it can be affected by corrosion, galvanizing the material can minimize or even eliminate this issue.

5.     Cost

Finally, consider your budget and the cost of each type of gazebo before you settle for one. Metal gazebos are cheaper due to several factors.

Timber is not just expensive upfront, but it will also cost more money for you to keep it in great condition. If you are on a budget, then a steel gazebo may be a more viable choice for you.

Steel Gazebos

If you have decided to go for a steel gazebo, then you need to pick one that will give you the best results. The only way to do this is by considering certain factors and tips. Let’s look at them below.

This material is prone to corrosion and this can be a problem further down the road. However, galvanization is one way to combat this issue.

It’s simply a process where alloys are coated with zinc to make them less susceptible to rust. Read this article to learn more about this process. Galvanized metal gazebos are typically better and this is what you should go with.

Another thing you want to consider is whether the structure is collapsible or not. If you choose a collapsible one, then you need to make sure that the other parts are made with durable materials.

Vinyl and nylon would be a good choice. Cotton can develop mildew and mold so you want to avoid them. If you’ll move the structure a lot, then avoid heavy materials like canvas.

There are various style options to pick from, so you need to consider the style you’d prefer. You can opt for something simple or elaborate depending on your preference. However, know that the more elaborate it is, the more expensive.

Size is also a cost determiner. So, you have to consider that, especially if you are working on a budget.


The material you decide to use for your gazebo should be based on your preferences and needs. The tips shared in this article will not only help you make an informed decision but they will ensure you make the right choice for you. That is if you properly consider them before making your choice.

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