What to Know When You Need Car Shipping in Pennsylvania

What to Know When You Need Car Shipping in Pennsylvania

Car shipping companies provide a crucial service in Pennsylvania when moving, making relocation easier while saving money on gas, tolls, hotel fees and food costs – not to mention protecting the life of your own vehicle!

Pennsylvania’s major cities tend to be close to interstate highways, reducing travel time significantly. However, certain rural areas require using state highways which may increase transit times.

Open Auto Transport

Pennsylvania is home to numerous large auto auctions that attract many car shipping carriers. This makes it easier for these carriers to locate drivers and offer competitive rates.

Open auto transport may save money, but your vehicle is exposed to weather elements and road debris. If your car is expensive or exotic, the pros advise selecting enclosed transport instead, as it protects it from damage while providing increased insurance up to $1 million.

Alternatively, expedited auto transport could be the ideal choice if you require your vehicle quickly transported between locations. With this service, vehicles can typically arrive just seven days after being picked up from their original destination. While vehicle transport companies will charge more for this service than traditional shipping options, expedited shipping offers greater peace of mind and convenience. This may be the right option for you.

When selecting an appropriate Pennsylvania auto transport company for you, compare quotes online. A number of factors will have an effect on the final rate, such as which car shipping type you select, distance traveled and whether terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door delivery is selected.

Enclosed Auto Transport

For vehicles requiring special care and handling during transit, enclosed auto transport is an excellent choice. This service keeps your car protected from weather elements as well as road debris during its journey; luxury or exotic models especially benefit from this method of shipping.

Pennsylvania is home to 309,000 millionaires, so it should come as no surprise that this beautiful state boasts many exotic cars and specialty vehicles on its streets.

From transporting construction vehicles on lowboy trailers between projects in Philadelphia or Lake Erie for vacation, local auto shippers teams can make it happen with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliability while holding drivers to high standards of service.

Pennsylvania is a vast state, making some areas hard for haulers to access due to narrow streets or low-hanging trees that pose challenges during transport. You should choose a company familiar with your destination area so as to avoid additional fees and extra charges that might pop up along the way.

Expedited Auto Transport

Car Shipping in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania auto transport services offer quick car shipping solutions when time is of the essence. They can arrange an expedited pickup and delivery anywhere within Pennsylvania or nationwide using an extensive network of agents and truck drivers who will ensure that your car reaches you as quickly as possible.

Reputable drivers treat all vehicles like they were their own and work to prevent any potential damages during shipping. You can quickly update yourself on the status of your shipment by calling your driver directly, or use an online tracking system for live tracking updates.

When the vehicle arrives at its destination, either yourself or an authorized representative must sign for and pay any remaining balance; after which, a truck driver will perform a final inspection before providing the bill of lading.

When shipping a car in Pennsylvania, be sure the company you select has experience and knowledge of its geography and infrastructure. This will help minimize risks such as unexpected road conditions or obstacles which might detain its arrival. You can visit for current road conditions in Pennsylvania.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

Pennsylvania may not boast as many major metro areas as some other states, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in location. Pennsylvania’s extensive highway network allows car shippers to more easily run routes throughout the state and thus speeding and decreasing vehicle transport rates for customers.

Unfortunately, however, certain parts of Pennsylvania may be difficult for car haulers to access which increases prices as the driver must go further out of his or her way in order to collect and deliver your car.

If you live in an inaccessible part of the state and can’t afford door-to-door car transport service, consider terminal-to-terminal instead as it will save money while remaining just as efficient in terms of the transport process. You can learn more about the major metro areas in Pennsylvania by clicking the link.

No matter your shipping needs in Pennsylvania, reputable professionals can help move your auto. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and employing highly vetted drivers, they provide peace of mind knowing your vehicle will arrive safe and sound. Plus, online booking processes make shipping costs simple. Be sure to compare rates before you decide on a transport company.

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