Stool 3T3 – The pleasures of riding a bicycle at home

Stools are common household products found in each and every house. But can you imagine a stool that has a bicycle’s seat attached to it? Yes, this can be possible with the Stool 3T3. This novel innovation by cologne design agency Dreikant stands out completely different from rest of the products with its striking features and unique design.

A hybrid of camera tripod and bicycle seat, the Stool 3T3 has immense stability. Made of high quality wood, the rod has multiple perforations along its axis. All you have to do is pull up or down the pillar at desired elevation and align the hole. Now attach the screw and done, you are ready to rest your bums on a novel contraption. The system is easy and reliable as well. The designers have developed its prototype to the final product with utmost care.


Despite having accessory segments merged into it, portability remains to be an advantage of the stool. Although the stool isn’t fit to be part of a museum or art gallery, it is perfect for homes and outdoor usage. You can even order yours online at their webpage!

Maciej Puzon and Caspar Schmitz, the designer duo, love the technologies associated with cars, bikes and cycles. The passion for four and two wheelers is visible in the unique design of Stool 3T3. Hence, the German company Wittkop has created the saddle. High quality black leather and soft cushion provide the much needed comfort level. The saddle is kept in place by silver metal fused with the wooden rod.


The black tripod is an added advantage. Using the principle of camera mounting, the tripod may not be large but covers enough surface area to hold the seats in place. Whatever your height or weight is, the stool can support them all. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Stool 3T3 and feel the thrill of riding a bicycle.

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