Iographer mini mount delivers perfect shots without fail

Apple fanatics might not have their own camera range to dabble in cinematography, but this will turn into a thing of past soon. The latest launch iPad Mini comes with high definition movie recording facilities and immensely attractive processing speed apart from providing support to most of the photo editing software. The iOgrapher, created by Dave Basulto, will be coming to rescue to the budding photographers and cinematographers as an accessory mountable device compatible with the iPad mini. So you might just wonder how it boosts performance of a tablet camera.

The first object in the package is a high quality support case, designed to eliminate shaking footages. The case has two hand bars on either side and that you can grab like a car steering wheel. This reduces shakiness and blurriness in video thus giving a clearer and distinct output. If you wish to capture images that require higher aperture or slower shutter speed, you can also affix it to any camera pod system and achieve maximum stability possible.

The gear comes with an attachable rotolight that has to be purchased separately. This rotolight, being one of the most advanced LED light system, can give warm light and no loss of shadow detail, thus creating that perfect shot you will be looking for. Brilliant for fashion photography and portraits, the rotolight fits smoothly on top of the iOgrapher creating perfect blend of lights.

The case also has a lens mount area in front of the inbuilt camera. From wide angle to prime and macro, a variety of lens can be fixed to produce images of multiple exposures and compositions. The tablets have exposed an all new world of film making techniques and the iOgrapher is bound to be an indispensable gear in the days to come. So what are you waiting for? Grab your iOgrapher to be the smartest film-maker in the neighborhood.

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