Stylish ways to accessorize your evening gowns


Evening gowns can be a complicated affair- they are usually worn for evening events and everything from the location to timing is taken into consideration. Certain dresses need to be decked up against a night backdrop for example; and an outdoor setting can have an effect on the colors. However it is the accessories, the handbags or anklets or bracelets that can catch the eye of others. They can make or break a statement and must be chosen with thought.  Here are a few options to consider:

Simple and real jewelry

One mistake many women make is wearing gaudy and fake jewelry.  Not only does it take attention to itself automatically, it also detracts from the dress and the person as a whole. Fake jewelry is an evolving market but most people can still tell if it is the real deal or not. Another thing to keep in mind as far as jewelry is concerned is to keep it simple and small. Smaller solitaire diamonds enhance the look of any dress, regardless of their cut, color or frame.  Larger jewels look more like costume pieces.

Another factor to consider is the kind of neckline the dress has- if it is an open neckline a necklace looks great and a sleeveless dress can be stylized with a bracelet. Silver anklets are quite popular with evening gowns and outdoor night settings. However, many women make a mistake of wearing a watch with other hand accessories, which just appears tacky. Rings and earrings are also head turners- earrings do not have to be expensive, bird feathered ones are some of the most naturally attractive earrings and casually go with any dress. However if there is a necklace, make sure the earrings match.

Shoe wear


Shoes are an important accessory. Heels are popular and for a reason- they add to posture and pose. Black heels are always in vogue and gel with any color, especially darker ones although keep in mind that carrying yourself in heels isn’t easy, especially if you do not wear them regularly. Another important thing to keep in mind is the height. Men do not like it if the lady on their arm is towering over them so keep everyone’s height in mind: yours, his and your shoes.  Of course the most important issue, when choosing a shoe, is comfort. If you do not feel great in them for five minutes, you will feel terrible for three hours.


A handbag is another essential yet understated accessory that goes great with evening gowns. One mistake women make is they always choose a bag that goes with the shoes. It is always a better choice to match them with the dress. It is also a better option to go with a clutch purse or bag because a shoulder strap bag can ruin the line of the dress, especially if they are even slightly heavy. White or Black are universal bag colors and pretty much gel in with any dress.  It is wise to be light, just carry the basics like mobile, money and a few IDs if you wish.  A handbag can be a useful accessory and adds a little bit extra.

Atypical accessories

Of course, the aforementioned paragraphs are reserved for most common evening events and gowns. There are so many new statements out that literally anything goes. For example, a wide belt works wonders with a tight fitted dress. Combined with sling back heels, it gives off an elegant and yet a casual appearance. Chunky bracelets and chunky earrings sit well with mini dresses. A black dress goes great with brightly colored shoes and jewelry (even fake ones) especially in tropical spring or summer climate. Bo-ho chic look is quite popular especially among the younger generation and you might be forgiven for pulling off a headband even if it goes well with the dress.


Accessorizing the evening gown for a party is fun and with a host of options.  Keep in mind that the accessories should complement the gown and the person. Pick accessories that enhance your features and keep a look out on the sizes and number of jewelry. The point is to be elegant and stylish.

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