These 6 car sensor Technologies of Future would surely blow your mind

car sensor Technologies of Future

Humans are liable to error. It is pretty difficult to help us stop making mistakes. However, the best thing that we can do is create machines that cope up with these errors. In fact, in future car sensors would be taking a new turn for better. It is going to be much more than the parking assist. With car sensor innovations for the future, your car would make driving much easier. It would help you stay in your lane and even communicate with other vehicles. Things like bumping into something would be a thing of the past. These and many such interesting technologies are in the store for us. It would be interesting to check the top 6 latest car sensor technologies, which will make the future cars blow your mind, have a look:

1) Guardian Optical Technologies sensor

Guardian Optical Technologies sensor

This is one of the latest car sensor technologies that offer all the required info about the occupants. These include the total number of occupants, the way they are sitting, their physical size, and even their postures along with many more things. The future autonomous cars using this sensor would collect the data including every trivial and major thing. These include the switching on and off of the AC, starting up the alarm or getting any kind of alert that can help in sending out the call to the near ones of the driver in the vehicle. This will offer you advanced safety in the future car and help you remain safe. With the help of this technology, the motion of the vehicles can be controlled with ease and accuracy. The sensor installed in the future car will help in averting fatalities to a great extent.

2) Radar Sensor Technology


Using Radar Sensor technology will enable more reliable and precise information about your car’s surroundings. This will allow the control unit to carry out corrective or preventive measurements. With this, the driver will get warning feedback and thus apply the emergency brakes and control the steering at the same time. This technology will help in getting radar, LiDAR, cameras, ultrasonic feature and so on. With this, the strength of your car can be easily boosted. Though this technology was used earlier, it never remained as dynamic as it appears to be in the current context. This will offer the modern-day drivers with features like vital-sign driving monitoring system, hands-free trunk opening, and chassis to ground monitoring system to name a few. This technology will prove as an important key innovation to autonomous cars.

3) FIR Technology

FIR Technology

This is a new technology, which is among the latest car sensor technologies in the auto world. It is a new type of sensor, which employs far infrared (FIR) technology. This will provide a complete and reliable coverage needed to make AVs safe and functional in any environment. This will give better safety and Adaptive cruise control features. The FIR camera helps to interpret the signals coming from the objects with radiating heat.

The camera operating FIR technology is able to sense these signals using passive technology. These cameras will capture images that other cameras fail to offer using a new layer of info. Besides, these cameras can even capture the emissivity of the object and the way it can emit the heat. Interestingly, the FIR camera is able to sense any kind of object coming in its way. This finds the lane markings easy, and so finding the positions of pedestrians.

4) Lidar Technology

Lidar Technology

One of the latest car sensor technologies is Lidar. The working of Lidar is similar to radar; however, the way it sends out the signal is different. Instead of sending out the radio waves, it emits the infrared light pulses (invisible) to the human eye and measures for you at the time duration after hitting the object. This is done in microseconds’ time and gives the driver the 3D map that helps in giving the objects clearly. Lidar offers you computer friendly data along with the precise measurements as compared to Radar. That’s why people from robotic car industry believe that Lidar is simply indispensible for the future generation automatic cars.

5) Predictive Vehicle Technology

car sensor Technologies of Future

The autonomous car to be introduced in the coming future will use a fine blend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). This will help in getting customized driving experience. More and more auto companies are using different algorithms using this technology giving smart infotainment systems as per the modern day drivers’ preferences. This technology can be employed in the form of sensors inside a car, which will connect with the driver allowing him or her to notice whether the car requires a service or not. In other words, this technology will help in reading your vehicle’s performance as per the mileage. Not only that it will also recommend numerous safety measures to avoid the malfunctions inside the car. Thus Predictive Vehicle Technology, the latest car sensor technologies will have its use in the future cars.

6) Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

The future cars will have improved connectivity with features like vehicle-to-vehicle communication sensor technology. Ford is one of the known auto companies, which has been experimenting on this front. This technology will help the vehicles to sense each other and thus allow the drivers to perceive the vehicles nearby. This can easily escape collision if the car beside the other driver takes a sudden swerve. You will feel the luck while leveraging this technology. With the help of the connected car network, you will find your car sensing the disabled one quickly, which will allow the driver to apply instant brakes without even sensing the problem on his own. This technology works on the Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR), which uses detailed maps using light and sound waves.

Final words

The recent development taking place in autonomous vehicle technology or AVT has made some radical changes in the auto industry. The autonomous cars are the future, claims the experts and it will take little time when most of the cars would use high-end sensor technologies to operate. This will add a number of features including advanced safety, high end, Adaptive cruise control, and many more things, which will make the future car drive the world. The research team is already investing huge efforts to use different sensor technologies in the upcoming cars.

The future of autonomous vehicles is bright as a number of car sensor technologies are introduced in the market. The auto industry is now busy experimenting with the above-discussed sensor technologies used to run the vehicles. Thus one can expect future cars with these technologies giving the modern-day drivers high-end driving experience backed with features like greater safety and security.

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