Travel devices that hardly make any sense

When it comes to travelling, you would want to pack less and aim at bringing things that have a high utility value with less volume.  You certainly would not like to lug around a bunch of useless gadgets and weight yourself down with them.  Many gadgets prove to be very useful like earplugs and money belts whilst travelling, but many others can easily be stroked off from your packing list.


The StashCard

The StashCard actually is supposed to resemble a memory card and allows you to hide your money, keys and other valuables inside the PC card slots in your laptop that are not in use.  However, the problem with this device is that a thief would most likely steal your laptop first- so inevitably he also gets the other valuables.


The chamois towel

Never purchase these synthetic chamois towers.  These were first launched as the perfect towels to be carried when out for swimming.  However, they must be kept moist in order to work and this can leave you feeling wet no matter how much you try to clean yourself dry.  It’s so small that you won’t be able to cover yourself and if stuck in bad weather- you would be doomed.


Compression bags

These compression bags are almost like Space Bags like the ones that you see in the infomercials, which show demos of massive vacuum-sealed bags.  The idea behind these innovative bags is that you place all your clothing inside them, zip up the bags and suck all the air from the valve so that your bags take up lesser space.  However, after opening these bags, you will discover that your clothes will be crinkled to the extent that you could hardly wear them!


The Urinelle

The Urinelle is specially designed for woman to ease themselves when nature calls without having to squat.  This cone shaped disposable device is so uncomfortable that you might just accidentally wet yourself.  On the contrary, it would seem a little impractical to go around with a warm cone of urine before you find a suitable spot to dispose it.


Passport holder

Passport holders are generally designed to help you get more organised and prevent your passport from damage.  However, despite their purpose, these passport holders are very inconvenient as it takes a lot of time trying to extract the passport and the put it back inside the holder


Devices and gadgets are meant to help you out and reduce your time and make things more efficient.  If you carry gadgets that practically add on to your worries and do not satisfy the purpose, then they are rendered useless.  It is always better to find the traditional options for such devices, as they might just be the best alternatives any time!

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