Under Armour Grapple brings sweetest tunes to players on field

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Being a sportsperson comes with a pressure to compete well. This, in turn, has a direct effect on the player’s performance. But as one has always observed, music has the magical power to untwine one’s senses and relax a tensed mind all at once. Be it any sports field, players are often seen listening to their favorite piece of music which uplifts their tempo to perform. How one flows in the direction music takes them, making them overlook all that had been bothering their mind. Emil Blanco, a San Francisco based industrial designer, put this therapy into use, and has developed speakers exclusively to create a tension-free sports environment.

With sturdiness and ease to carry and set it in no time, Emil came up with a speaker model named Under Armour Grapple in less than two weeks as a part of his project. Bonding up the team and inspiring them with motivational songs, this speaker shares music with all making them feel as one. With a provision to carry on one’s shoulders, it can be taken anywhere without a second thought. So, inject the sense of unity and push yourself towards the winning line by simply listening to your favorite track.

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[Cheers Emil]

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