The Beach Boy makes you zoom with an airy feel

beach boy 01

Recreational vehicles have come a long way and with new technology pouring in everyday, they are just becoming an integral part of modern life. Visiting a beach or going for a spin with friends along the coast, “Beach Boy” will accompany you. Don’t jump to conclusions girls, Beach boy is handsome but oops it is a car concept. Devoid of the roof, this car will make the driving experience all the more fun. If that was not enough, then metamorphose it into a roomy deck for that ultimate experience.

Powered by hub motors running on fuel cell, the recreational vehicle is especially designed for warmer coastal regions where one can feel suffocated with the roofed cars and closed windows. If you are one of those who love to go for long coastline drives, the electric car seems to be an apt companion, taking all your commands without any hitch.

beach boy 02
beach boy
beach boy 03

Via: Gambo

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