Warhol Sofa: A wonderful piece of convertible furniture!

Warhol Sofa designed by Simone Brewster

Modern life is all about being adaptable. There are plenty and more celebrities that symbolize our modern life. However, no one does it better than Andy Warhol. Rather than criticizing modern life for what it robbed from us, he focused on what it gave to us. Just like the modern world, Warhol’s creations were all about mass production. They were about deriving the maximum from the limited sources one has. Both modern architecture and interior designing aim at maximizing the utility of available space by making sure that purpose of certain area is not limited or confined. Nothing might exemplify this school of modern thought more that the Warhol Sofa designed by Simone Brewster. The sofa is more a piece of furniture and serves multiple purposes. Let us see what it is all about.

Warhol Sofa

The Warhol Sofa is like the convertible Ferrari for the world of furniture. It allows a person to convert the same space into his lounge, his work space and also his bedroom. Moreover, it is really nice and it seems that it is easy to both assemble and then take out to make another piece of furniture out of it. Furthermore, it has a very unfinished look to it from a distance. I suppose the exterior of the piece could have been made to look a lot more regal and elegant. But then, that is something you can improvise on yourself, if you have both the time and the skill.

The Warhol Sofa may not be the best choice for most conventional people, but it is really a fine option for those single people who live in confined space or those who are not looking to but too much of a furniture. I still think it looks best in the room of maybe a studying student or a loner. It has nice feel to it and you can amaze your friends by changing it instantly. So what is the best part of this piece of furniture? For me it is the simple fact that you can convert your working table into a bed and take a nap whenever you are just too bored. That is great news indeed, for me!

Some more furniture designs concepts similar to Warhol Sofa

Behind the Wall Sofa1

Nowadays, furniture designers are coming up with brilliant innovative designs of sofas that will complement the rest of your home and create an ambience of luxury. While choosing a sofa always keep to factors in mind, comfort and style. You can now buy some urban, chic and exotic looking sofas at moderate prices. In the following, we have listed some of the most creative sofa designs.

1. Sitscape Sofa:

Sitscape Sofa

The sitscape sofas are perfect for long halls and big drawing rooms. It is around 6 meters long and has to be kept by the wall of the room. The best thing about this sofa is that it lets you sit in many different postures and even you can rest your back comfortably by lying on your back. It is meant to be the ultimate sitting station in your home, which offers all sorts of sitting comfort.

2. Behind the Wall Sofa:

Behind the Wall Sofa

A glance at this sofa will make you doubt its functionality. The truth is that you can use this sofa in two different manners. It acts like a room divider and two-way sofa. You can sit from two sides on this sofa.

3. Scrubbing Brush Sofa:

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

The scrubbing brush sofa is very comfortable though it looks funny. It has several bristles. When you sit or lie on the sofa the bristles give you a relaxing rub and comfort the sore muscles.

4. Flexible Sofa:

Flexible Sofa

This sofa is made of wood and paper but still it is very sturdy and can bear your weight easily. You have to expand the sofa for making room for other family members. The honeycomb structure makes it capable of bearing heavy weight.

5. Pixel Sofa


The beauty of the Pixel Sofa lies in the fabric which has been picked up by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. It is  based off of a concept by Cristian Zuzunaga, a Royal College of Art graduate. The fashionable couch is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs and not without good cause, with its wide spectrum of colors.

6. Swimming Pool Sofa


If you are a water baby, then this is the sofa for you. This fascinating concept sofa design was made for an advertisement campaign of PiscineCastiglione, a swimming pool design firm.

7. Bocca Sofa

SOFA Studio 65 Bocca

The iconic 1970 lip-shaped sofa is based on Salvador Dali’s famous Mae West sofa of 1936. The erotic lips of this beautiful Hollywood actress inspired Dalí and he converted this into a sofa. A special installation pictures the image of the face of May West. This sofa can give your drawing or living room an instant makeover. Interior designers use it for breaking the monotony of room decors. It’s available only in red.

8. Coliseum Sofa


If Rome or history is your thing, you are going to love this. Created in the shape of the famous Roman Coliseum, this sofa is perfect for any art or history lover and you can have ancient Rome right in your living room. Odd, creative and beautiful.

9. Coffin Sofa


If you have a penchant for the dark and macabre, you can try out this sofa. Whether you like the design or not, this pieces of artwork are worth $4,500 each. Designed using recycled 18 gauge steel coffins; the raw material was collected from local funeral homes based in Southern California. Against the health and safety law that doesn’t allow funeral homes to resell used coffins, these coffins were sold to public to make them aware of the benefits of recycling.

10. Double Decker Sofa


If you have space issues, try this double-decker sofa. This is a creation of Napoleon versus Napoleon 1999, by Kuno Nuessli in collaboration with Sven-Anwar Bibi.

11. Sila, The Yoga Sofa


Sila is a yoga expression, which translates to sitting cross-legged. The intention is to bring the tranquility of meditation to a modern setting. It was created by Eridani Saleh  which represents the solidity of traditional construction and practice while contributing a fresh type of relaxation.


Sofas and couches are more than just means to achieve relaxation, they can be an item of intrigue and create personality to the whole room. The beauty of an entire room depends only on this one piece of furniture. An unsuitable sofa can mar the look of your home but a well-chosen one can uplift the interior décor. Choose creative and stylish sofas for your home and upgrade the décor. Sofas should provide comfort and at the same time look stunning.

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