Weird beauty gadgets

Doing things and applying things to enhance beauty is an age-old practice but in today’s time, the ways to enhance beauty are many and some of them seem to be crazy beauty techniques. To support the crazy ways of beauty enhancement, following are some beauty gadgets that some of you might find weird and others would find them to be attractive. Have a look:

Nose Straightener

The Nose Straightener

Many of us desire to have a sharpened nose to enhance our facial features. If you do not have a sharp nose naturally, do not worry as with this new and ingenious Japanese gadget you can fulfill your desire of a sharp nose. Only thing you have to do is to clip it every day on to your nostril for 20 minutes. It is a bit painful and expensive but when you get your desired facial feature, you will forget the pain and expense altogether. Nose straightener applies a pressure on your nose that balances and protrudes the bones of your nose, and gives you a graceful, straighter, and a sharp nose that you had always longed for.

Beauty Voice Trainer

Beauty Voice Trainer

Use beauty voice trainer every day for five minutes by inserting it in your mouth and get a sweet voice you have always wished for. It opens your vocal paths and causes your tongue to put in a new position that forces you to breathe with the diaphragm. It has small metal tuning fork that allows you to produce sound from a certain pitch. It is available in two different colors.

Face slimmer

face slimmer 3

Face slimmer, an anti aging piece that you can easily fix in your mouth for three minutes and make as many funny faces as you want. It is made of silicone that perfectly fits around your lips giving you duck lips while its spring will go inside your mouth and work like an enhancement on your face muscles. The biggest advantage it offers is that you can do it whenever you wish to do it. Daily use of it will allow you to tone your cheeks and make your face look slimmer.

Dryer for nails

Dryer for nails

This tiny gadget will quickly dry your nails after you paint them, so that you can flaunt your beautiful painted nails in front of your clients, or friends. It is available in different designs but usually with a pump or a button. This handy appliance can also be used for manicure and pedicure purposes.


Today, any facial feature we do not like, we can change it the way we want it to be in, thanks to beauty gadgets.

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