What Does Your Boat Say About You?


Owning a boat can be a status symbol, a kind of accessory, and even an element of your personality if you know how to show it off. But with so many choices when buying a boat, it’s hard to find the perfect fit. You’ll want to find a boat that accomplishes several goals, including serving its intended function and matching your personality, but how can you be sure you’re accomplishing these objectives? What does your boat really say about you?

Types of Boats


The most important detail is probably the type of boat that you own. There are dozens of types of boats to consider, such as all-purpose fishing boats that are oriented toward fishing in just about any way you can imagine, or deck boats that try to maximize interior volume and seating.

For avid boaters and aquatic enthusiasts, it’s easy to tell someone’s intentions by the type of boat they’re driving. Are they someone who goes on the water to fish, and not much else? Or are they very into water-related sports? Do they tend to run with a big group and hang out indoors, or are they more of a loner who likes relaxing on the back of the boat? This is often a question of functionality more than design, but it’s still worth considering if you’re torn between a few competing options.

Showy vs. Discreet

Next, you’ll want to consider how showy or how discreet you want your boat to be. There are many design choices that can factor into one of these two categories. For example, how long or broad is the boat? Are there any major design features that are easy to spot from a far distance? Are there lots of elements that are shiny or otherwise prominent, or does it look like most other boats? If you’re looking to attract attention or show off, you’ll want to choose a boat that turns heads with these unusual or flashy pieces.

Loud vs. Quiet


In line with this, you may have to consider how loud your boat is compared to other boats on the water. Louder boats tend to be driven by people who love thrills, or going fast on the water, while quieter boats tend to be driven by people who prefer a quiet life of relaxation. It’s possible to tweak your boat to ensure it runs quieter, but most boats start with a default volume level that may come to define you in the eyes of other boat owners.

Traditional vs. Progressive

Picture a boat in your mind. Is this a traditional kind of boat, like what most people would consider? Or does it have some novel features that only an experimental boat designer would dare to include? There’s a wide spectrum of boat design choices, ranging from reliable and predictable to novel and bold. Are you the type of person always on the cutting edge, looking for new fashions and new styles to try out? Or are you more of a traditionalist, sticking to the standards that are most fully developed?

The Name


Though it may seem like a minor detail, you should also consider what to name your boat. Fellow boat owners will notice and consider your boat’s name in context, and even people who know nothing about boats may have their impressions of you change when they read that name. For example, if you choose one of the most common boat names in the United States (like Serenity, Second Wind, or Island Girl), you may be seen as “basic” or unoriginal. If you choose a nautical pun or a similarly original joke, you may be seen as having more of a sense of humor, but may be less likely to be taken seriously. Spend some time generating something original, which matches your personality precisely.

The Condition

If you want your boat to last as long as possible and look as good as possible to your passengers and admirers, you’ll need to have a formal maintenance plan in place. That means inspecting your boat for any dings and scratches, keeping the motor in good shape, and cleaning both the exterior and interior. If your boat looks like it’s in bad shape from the outside, it could reflect poorly on you as a boat owner. If it’s always shiny and looks well cared-for, your image will improve.

Buying a boat is a major decision for your image, your lifestyle, and of course, your finances. It’s not something you should take lightly, nor is it the kind of decision you can finalize in the course of a day. Do your research, talk to other boat owners, and look at boats you might not have ordinarily considered. You might be surprised at where you land.

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