An Amazing Beach Club to Visit in Bali

Amazing Beach Club

There’s nothing quite like the beach life. The bright sun, the warm sand, and the sound of waves crashing against each other.  A person cannot quite compare it to being anywhere else. People always flock to the beach during the summer, and when it is generally hot. But what about the rest of the year? Some people still crave for that beach life, especially if you live far from the sea you can never really get enough of it because you don’t get to see it as often.

What most people do when they live in predominantly cold places or countries that are landlocked, they like to travel to a place that has that good weather and the beach obviously, and one of the best such places to visit is Bali. Bali is a prime tourist destination, especially during the holidays or when people just simply need to go on vacation in a place with a lot of sun and the beach for the purposes of relaxation and stress relief.

Vacation in Bali

Amazing Beach Club

When you do decide to visit Bali, then you should definitely go over to the Kubu beach club bali which is located at the Ayana Resort and Spa in Rimba Jimbaran as well as the Villas which are also at Ayana. The Beach club is only accessible to the in-house guests of the Ayana Resort and Spa. A visit to this beach club will not disappoint any of its guests.

Kubu Beach Club is located at one of the hidden white sand beach coves, which just happens to be among the last ones that remain in Bali, and it can only be accessed either by undertaking an invigorating 197-step journey up to the cove, or by making use of the inclinator which is a new installation by Ayana, and it will take you for a very quick 35-second ride going up and down from the beach cove.

The Kubu beach club setting

The Kubu Beach Club has a supreme setting, through which its guests can get to experience aquamarine waters, and the intrinsic architecture of Bali, which just happens to have been inspired by the elements of the island itself. These elements include bamboo, shell, stone, wood, as well as traditional rooftops. You will also get to see the limestone cliffs which are quite dramatic. The Beach Club has been designed as the main attraction for guests who just want to relax and dine at the beachfront, and it only has a capacity of just 80 visitors.

Wine and dine at Kubu

Wine and dine at Kubu

In order to complement the traditional setting, Kubu Beach Club’s kitchen serves its guests a wide range of the simple international delicacies, as well as the local Bali comfort foods such as the charcoal bun cheeseburgers and the snapper ceviche. The clubs kitchen also serves traditional Balinese foods as well as the local favorites which include grilled satays and the signature rice servings of a meatball soup made out of oxtail beef, locally known as ‘Bakso balung’.

The beach club also has a bar, and it goes along with the aesthetic of real camaraderie of the Balinese culture. At the bar, you can get access to the Tiki cocktails which are vintage Balinese drinks, as well as the Arak based classic cocktails. The bar also offers ice- cold beers and fresh coconut water in endless supply.

Other amenities

For guests who would like to get a glimpse into the old age of Kuta’s bygone era, it is made possible, thanks to the authentic amenities such as the massages that take place at the beachside, which are done underneath the coconut trees by the use of fresh natural coconut oil.

Therefore, when you happen to find yourself in Bali, you should definitely make your way to the Kubu Beach club, for the ultimate Beach Life Experience. The beach club has everything you could possibly need during your trip. Beautiful scenery, good food and an assortment of drinks for you to try. Not to mention the seaside massage under the coconut trees.

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