What Is Order Cloud?

What Is Order Cloud

The coordination of the work of all departments of the company is very important for its successful functioning, especially in the case of large companies. In real life, this is not so easy to achieve because of:

  • Errors and human factor
  • Possible remoteness of units
  • Clogging of information channels
  • Possible conflicts on personal grounds

However, thanks to high-tech solutions such as Order Cloud, you can achieve an ideal business organization. This was shown in the experience of merchant platforms operating in the field of e-commerce.

Why E-commerce Needs Order Cloud


Doing business in an e-commerce environment involves interacting with a large number of buyers, partners, and suppliers. In order to avoid any interruptions in the entire life cycle of the implementation of the order, all actions must be coordinated:

  • Ordering
  • Processing
  • Execution
  • Delivery
  • Stock replenishment

Benefits of Using Order Cloud

Order Cloud works as a full-featured business platform:

  • Supports multiple websites
  • Connects to the platform through multiple channels provided by API operation
  • Coordinates the actions of suppliers and sellers
  • Provides an opportunity for anonymous purchases for buyers
  • Works with all information in real time

Where to Find Order Cloud Provider

cloud service provider

Modernize your e-commerce business with a cloud service provider G-Core Labs. Specializing in offering cloud services for businesses of various profiles, the company provides unique solutions with high-tech characteristics. At the same time, for the business itself, using the G-Core Labs services simplifies all business processes due to the precise operation of algorithms and the simple use of the software product.

Order Cloud is one of the latest developments but has already demonstrated its effectiveness in providing a full life cycle of clearance, processing, and delivery of goods to end consumers. By applying Order Cloud in your work, you increase the accuracy and timeliness of the implementation of all orders and replenishment of stocks. In the end, all participants benefit from this software: you, the buyers, and the suppliers as well.

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