Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Company Is Not What It Used to Be?


We recently learned in the news that Mark Zuckerberg plans to expand his corporation and make it the foremost technology company in the world. Of course, such news surprised many people and many now believe in the future of the Internet giant. However, now we are seeing a downward trend in the popularity of Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, a huge part of people around the world have switched from using Whatsapp to Telegram. All this indicates that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is not in such great demand now as it used to be. In this article we will try to understand why this happened and what the future holds for a huge corporation.

Rapid changes in audience interests

Meta is the new corporate name of Facebook

Unfortunately, no matter how the company executives want the opposite, users all over the world very quickly lose interest in all the usual formats. Now most bloggers have to buy Instagram followers because users themselves rarely subscribe to new accounts and devote little time to this social network.

Instagram is trying to stay afloat and is introducing popular formats (for example, Reels), but this does little to maintain its former relevance. Now, TikTok and Snapchat, which have hit trends recently, are more in demand. It is possible that in the coming years or months a new service will emerge that will sharply become the most popular, overtaking these giants. Everything is changing too quickly and this affects the prospects of the Facebook corporation. 

Is Zuckerberg’s plan goal or despair?

Despite the fact that some people believe in Mark Zuckerberg’s ability to implement a large-scale virtual reality project and promote social networks that belong to his company, one should not hope that Instagram and Facebook will return to their former popularity. Most likely, the head of the corporation will have to create new products and develop in the field of Internet technologies without being tied to social networks.

The most likely situation is that bloggers will continue to buy real Instagram followers for some time in order to stay active in their account, but in the future they will move to other social networks and develop their accounts without additional investments.

Developing the sphere of virtual reality is a very interesting idea, but many people fear that sooner or later it will replace real life for them. That is why now you can often hear conversations that social networks and the Internet in general should take less time from a person, because it prevents us from communicating live. However, in a pandemic, we realized that we do not always have the opportunity to see friends and attend public events, so virtual reality can be of great help in maintaining connections with others in difficult conditions. 


Despite the fact that the leaders of Instagram are doing everything to keep the popularity of the social network, most likely in the coming years we will only see a decline in interest in it. We recommend that you consider other services for permanent long-term earnings, but do not abandon Instagram for now.

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