YoYo Phone: Trick people, get entertained and stay connected

yoyo phone

Yo yo is one of the most popular pocket toy that consists of a spool and a length of string knotted at one end. They have existed from centuries and manage to captivate everyone, from kids to adults, even today. Using the design and its popularity as an inspiration, Shaik Ridzwan has designed a cellphone christened the Yo Yo phone.

The designer has intelligently tried to give the phone a silhouette that won’t get lost in the crowd, in terms of cellphone designs. It is not a set rule that a phone has to be fashioned in a box like shape, and that’s the exact message Yo yo phone delivers. Yo yoers try and impress people and even win competitions by performing tricks, so this feature has also been incorporated by the designer. Yo yo phone comes wedged with a “Trick Mode” in which the user has to perform a trick to make a call to an assigned contact. Wow! This sure is trick(y) and quite amusing.

Like a yo yo has a lease that causes the spool to turn while suspended in mid-air, even the phone has not been deprived of one. The earphones are wireless and look like a precious pearl ring. They can be fixed in the leash ring, which when snapped apart look like pearl earrings. Well, if you think that the phone just looks like a yo yo with a spool and leash in place, let me tell you the user can play with it as well. So, entertainment and communication come packed in this cute looking phone.

But the designer always imagined someone playing with a yo yo and suddenly it starts ringing and the user plugs in the headphones in the leash and attends the call. Shaik Ridzwan derived heavy inspiration from toys and jewelry which reflects in the creation. When opened, the Yo Yo phone looks to me like a compact powder case and I can bet girls will go absolutely gaga.

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[Thanks Shaik]

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