10 Budget-Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas that Will Make Your Home Look Like a Place Seemingly Built for Royalty


Once you’ve committed to the idea of designing the home of your dreams, you can be easily overwhelmed by the countless ideas and infinite decisions that need to be made, especially if you’re on the brink of a large home remodeling project or a new build. Consequently, you’ll likely want to hire a general contractor in Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia Home Addition contractors like those found at Paragon will manage all aspects of the project to make sure it’s completed in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction.

Whether you’re renovating to sell your house, or you’ve just decided it’s time for an upgrade, we’ve pulled together the best home remodeling ideas to help transform your home. From bathrooms to kitchens and every room in-between, we’ve got you covered no matter how small or big your budget:

1. Redo Your Kitchen


The first area in your home that you should keep in mind while renovating is the kitchen. Admittedly, kitchen cabinets are usually the main focal point when entering any kitchen.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen walls is also an excellent idea to enhance the first impression. This will not only make your kitchen seem cleaner and fresher but also look new as well.

Other items to consider in your kitchen project would be laminating your floors, buying new appliances, fitting new tiles and countertops, and perhaps even replacing your old-style kitchen sink with a new stainless steel appliance.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on your kitchen renovation project. It should be possible to appreciate the effect of the completed alterations to better the residence for your comfort or add value if you are thinking of selling and appeal to potential buyers.

2. Update Lighting Fixtures

One of the easiest and quickest renovations includes updating the lighting in your abode. A visit to your local lighting store is all you need for inspiration. You’ll find an abundance of fixtures and lamps that can make a dramatic impact on your home decoration.

Consider installing dimming switches in dining rooms or living rooms, so you’ve more control over lighting. In bathrooms and kitchens, you can find a wide array of new lighting options. Install lighting above bathroom mirrors to highlight visuals or under cabinets to light up workspaces.

3. Landscaping


Many cost-effective options can elevate even the most basic home to elegance. By landscaping, you’ll notice a drastic difference in the appearance of your home. Clean up trash, add flowers to your garden, and you’ve already made improvements to your landscaping without breaking the bank.

4. Install a Smart Programmable Thermostat

If you’re in search of a quick renovation idea that you can achieve in under an hour, install a programmable thermostat. You can program a smart digital thermostat to turn your heating or cooling system on or off at specific times throughout the night and day. Ideally, most have a vacation mode, which lets you to decrease the HVAC system’s need during long periods of absence.

5. Create Curb Appeal with A Colorful Front Door


There’s no better way to set the mood of your abode than increasing your home’s curb appeal. While a fresh coat of paint and landscaping will do the trick, one of the simplest ways to make a bold impression is with a colorful front door.

6. Reinstall Your Windows

Poorly installed windows lose heat excessively and are another crucial area to look at to save money on your heating bill. Installing low emission windows with coatings to reflect heat into the home will help prevent heat leaks.

7. Hire a Contractor


A contractor will get all your ideas, draw up the plans, have the right tools, and know what to do to make the house the way you want it. If there is work to be done, the contractor will get all the necessary paperwork and licenses ready for you to complete.

8. Add a Patio

Adding a patio is like an extension of your house. You could have a standing fireplace and grilling area with a lovely picnic table for entertainment. If you’ve space and a flexible budget, a swimming pool or spa would also look great in your backyard.

9. Skylight


Adding a skylight into your roof can improve any room from the bathroom to the kitchen. Using natural lighting sources reduces the need for artificial light, thereby saving you money.

10. Doorway Overhang

If your front door is exposed to everything from direct rain to sunlight, an overhang addition can improve the look of your home entrance and offer protection against the elements.

Final Thought

Generally, when you’re planning home renovations, ensure you prioritize your projects and carefully plan your budget. Research your renovations thoroughly, and you’ll be sure to make some remarkable but inexpensive upgrades to your home.

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