10 questions to ask when designing your office

The work environment at offices is changing at a rapid pace these days and this change also calls for a change in the design of the office. For instance some of the offices are eliminating their individual cubicles so that a more open work environment can be encouraged in the office. The employee has the liberty to choose his very own workstation in the office which is definitely a new concept in office designing. When we talk about office design then being flexible and lean are the new trend now-a-days and the same was put forward by Alan who happens to working with the Washington D.C. based architecture company. If you happen to own a small business enterprise and are thinking to redo your office then here is a list of questions you need to find answers to so that your new office is up to the latest working standards.

The things to consider prior to designing your office


  • Do you really want to encourage transparency in the office? If you look closely at the new office design then you will find the new trend encourages working in open environments which means that even the managers and the others working at higher levels will be working with the other members of the office. It is a true fact that an open work environment reflects team spirit of the employees which is a good thing.
  • How will you arrange for privacy when needed? Working in open environment is great but there are situations when some employees require privacy and that is why you must make provisions for that too in your new office design.


  • How much area do you require exactly? If you observe the traditional office setting then you’ll find that around 250 square feet was enough for one cubicle including everything. But now that the design is sans the cubicle some 150 square feet is more than enough for each employee.
  • What if some of the employees work from home often? You can help your employees set up a home office as well so that they can work in peace and with complete efficiency.
  • How can you add flexibility to the office? The man count of the business will increase with its size therefore you need to be flexible with your office design so that it is easy to accommodate new employees.


  • How can you add warmth and a welcoming feeling to the reception? It is a much known fact that the reception of the office is the first thing that anyone notices. Therefore it has to be welcoming and comfortable. There are many things to focus on while designing the reception area but you can put more focus on the lighting of the place.
  • What impression do you want the office area to portray about your firm? The office design must be such that it depicts the motto of your company to the employees as well as the clients.
  • What sort of employee behavior you would want in your office? The new office design will help you bring in many new changes such as you can encourage the habit of recycling with the help of clear instructions to the employees.


  • Does your office have a comfortable area for the employees to socialize? A proper and comfortable place to socialize is very important in an office and some of these places include cafés and pantries.
  • How to make your new office eco friendly? You must be aware of the fact that the world today is focusing on sustainable methods that pose no threat to the environment. Therefore when you build your office space then make sure to use eco friendly methods.

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