14 – Things you should do with your new camera


Did you gift yourself a new camera this New Year? Then, it is the most precious thing for you. Whether you are a photographer or a YouTuber, the camera is the most desired device for your passion and profession. With the help of a camera or lens, you can capture all the beautiful moments. Those moments will become memories one day. Getting to know your camera is an important step before you start to shoot videos or click photos.

Below-mentioned are the steps that you should know when you buy a new camera:

1.     Read Manual

new camera

When you get the camera on hand, we are so attracted to that new device that we forget to read the manual. But this is the first thing you should open when you get the box. The manufacture’s guide is the ultimate help for you. The manual hides many new things. Once you start reading the manual guide, you will get to know all the hidden features of the camera. For new DSLR, you need to spend at least an hour at reading everything in detail. When you discover new things, then you will also become pro with the photography skill.

2.     Note down serial number

It is mandatory for you to write the serial number for lens and camera. It may help you in the near future. After you note down the numbers, keep it in a safe place for later use.

3.     Memory card format

Memory card format

The memory card that you are using with the camera should be compatible. So, the first thing you need to do is to format the memory card. Take the backup of the card and then delete all the existing files. So, buy a good quality memory card for your new camera and even the requirement of the memory card reader is a must.

4.     Know about Insurance

Check whether your camera is covered under the basic insurance policy. You need this insurance policy when you are traveling with your camera. The best insurance policy on the new camera helps you get a lot of benefits. So, do not waste your time and look for a quality insurance policy.

5.     Click lots of pictures

Click lots of pictures

Before you shoot the final video or click the final photo, click as many pictures as you can. It will enhance your ability to click good photographs. At first, you will not get the pictures that are worth your interest, but as you practice more, you will become the master of clicking photos.  Getting to know your camera will become easy and you will understand even the complex features of the DSLR.

6.     Histogram

To become master of the exposure, you should know how to use the histogram. It is a graph that usually hides in the menu option. Once you find out how you can use the histogram, then you will become the master of using new DSLR.

7.     Charge camera batteries

Charge camera batteries

When you buy a new camera, the battery is not charged completely. So, the first thing that you need to do is charge the battery of the camera. If you have spare batteries, then keep them handy. It will give you a better backup when you run out of charge with the original battery.

8.     Try Manual

First, you try the camera with manual controls. Teach yourself with trial and error method, and you will gain confidence. The manual control makes you a better camera person and helps you learn everything under the roof. If you try the camera settings on a manual mode, then you will understand how you need to adjust, time, color and contrast.

9.     Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

Fungus in the camera can spoil the lens and battery of the camera. So, the DSLR has a special cleaning kit. The dirt is a very dangerous thing for the camera. Before you use the kit, read the guide on how to use the cleaning brushes and all for a clear idea.

10.    Kitbag

You need a good camera bag to keep your camera in a good position. So, buy a high-quality camera bag where you can keep the camera. The bag should be all weatherproof and durable in nature. It should have enough space to hold the camera and its other accessories.

11.    Diopter Adjustment

Diopter Adjustment

If you adjust the diopter of the camera, you will get great clarity. You should look at the focus point numbers and not in the image only. This way you can adjust the diopter. Once you set the diopter, it’s ready to click great pictures.

12.    Image Setting

Compare to old generation cameras, this generation camera is great. The settings are in place, and you just need to learn how to set the setting when you try to click a picture. The light, subject, and mode play an important role in image setting.

13.    Camera Straps

Camera Straps

A 3rd-party is great in terms of comfort. A good strap always holds the camera and lends in a proper way. A bad strap can put your camera in danger as it may fall at any time. You can buy readymade good quality camera straps so that you do not face any problem before you shoot a picture.

14.    Custom Menu

A new camera always gives you the option of a custom menu. It will help you set your preference as per your requirement. You can adjust the features, and it will help you click great photos and shoot amazing videos.

Final Words

So, when you are buying a new camera you should focus on all these things. They are great pointers for you to remember. So, there is nothing to fear. After 2 to 3 trial and error method, you will learn how to operate a DSLR. It is not rocket science. You need to read the manuals thoroughly and watch some cool videos. It will enhance your knowledge so that you can use the camera. Also, remember the above points to take good care of the camera.

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