20 Mistakes that Destroy the Life of your Electronics

Mistakes that Destroy the Life of your Electronics

Ever wondered why your mobile phone’s battery comes crashing down to zero just a few months after you bought it? Why your laptop automatically heats up when you charge it? Why your smartphone screen gets scratches, even though you mostly keep it in your pocket? If these are the problems that you are suffering from, then you are not alone. Almost everyone who has a decent smartphone suffers from them. However, if you avoid some of these mistakes, you might prevent them from destroying the life of your electronics.

What not to do?

1. Do not wait for your mobile’s charge to reach 0%:Do not wait for your mobile’s charge to reach 0%

Charge your phone before it hits 0% instead of waiting for it to discharge completely. Batteries are made up of lithium-ions and do not have a memory effect. The manufactures measures a battery’s life by the number of its full discharge cycles, estimated around 400-600 cycles. Thus, it is advisable to recharge your battery when the charge drops to 10-20% in order to increase the battery life.

2. Do not use the cheap local chargers:

Avoid using chargers which are not from reputed companies, even if it’s rather expensive. Buying cheap chargers might end up destroying the battery life of your gadget.

3. Avoid using protective cover:

Another mistake that is repeated by many is the use of protective covers. The covers cause more harm than they provide protection. It heats up the device and reduces the life of your electronics.

4. Do not allow your gadgets to get heated up:

Never let your device to get heated up beyond a certain extent. Do not keep your devices in direct sunlight or around any source of heat. High temperature has the power to destroy the lithium-ion battery of your device.

5. Do not forget to protect the display monitor: protect the display monitor

The display monitor needs protection from the sunlight as it can make the colour of the screen fade away. Use microfiber clothes to clean the display rather than using your fingers.

6. Avoid using your gadgets during voltage fluctuations:

Fluctuating voltages in a menace to electronic devices and can kill your gadgets even before you know. So, avoid using your gadgets during voltage fluctuations and thunderstorms. Also, do not forget to unplug all your gadgets, chargers and internet cables during those times.

7. Do not neglect cleanliness:

Dust particles can pose a serious threat to our electronic devices. Hence regular cleaning with soft clothes must be ensured in order to enjoy healthy life.

8. Do not ultra-fast chargers:

Although these chargers work well until the charge reaches 50%, it stresses the battery during the next half. So, avoid using these ultra-fast chargers to avoid stressing the battery that may lead to its destruction.

9. Avoid eating or drinking near your gadgets:Avoid eating or drinking near your gadgets

Another great mistake that one commits repeatedly is eating or drinking near the electronic gadgets. No matter how busy you are, please avoid bringing food near your laptop screen as spilling foods on your gadgets can dangerously harm them.

10. Avoid touching your laptop screen with your fingers:

This is the worst possible mistake that leaves a visible mark. Too much pressure on the laptop screen leaves a permanent dark spot behind.

11. Do not leave anything on the keypad:

This dangerous mistake should never be committed as anything as small as bread crumps can do severe damage.

12. Do not use your phone at low temperature:

Just like high temperature, low temperature too has the power to harm your smart phones. Hence, try to avoid using it while you are out in the cold.

13. Do not leave devices in the car:

Electronic devices that perform best at room temperature are subjected to serious threats when they are left inside the car. Leaving your laptop inside your car which is either too hot or too cold can seriously affect the life of your electronics.

14. Do not take your phone to your bathroom:Do not take your phone to your bathroom

This is one of the most unhealthy and risky habits. Besides picking up all the germs lying around, your phone can slip into the tumbler of water or, worse still, into the toilet sink.

15. Avoid charging your phone overnight:

Although there is no risk of battery getting over-charged, yet it is not advisable to leave the phone over-night for charging. Even though the inbuilt control system stops the current once the charging is complete, the phone should not be left charging forever.

16. Do not put your laptop on your knees:

Ridiculous as it may sound, laptop is seriously not for keeping on your “lap” or on your knees. It should be rather kept on a laptop stand with an inbuilt fan to keep the ventilation vents open and unobstructed. Otherwise, it can lead to some serious damage as its battery cannot stand overheating.

17. Do not switch on your laptop right after coming from cold:

Avoid switching on your laptop after coming inside from cold. Wait for about an hour to let the laptop reach the room temperature.

18. Avoid carrying your phone in the main compartment:

Carrying your phone in the main compartment of your bag along with other items can cause dust to clog in its ports. Although you can clean the ports using toothpicks lined with cotton cloth, it is better to spare a pocket exclusively for keeping your phone.

19. Do not neglect updates:
Do not neglect updates

Irritating as it may feel, do not neglect updating your software and apps. Keeping your devices up-to-date will surely increase the life of your electronics. But, ignoring the updates can be quite detrimental as it may slow down your device and make it liable to be hacked.

20. Do not forget to discharge your gadgets:

Ensure discharging your gadgets to 0% and then immediately charging it to full in every three months to enjoy greater durability. 

Final Words

Electronics and Gadgets are the lifelines of the modern era and we can’t even imagine our life without them. It might be clear to you that your own ignorance is what destroys the life of your electronics. It is what eats away the battery life of your dearest mobile phone. Not only that, it is the reason behind those little problems that your laptop suffers. To sum it up, it’s the mistakes that you commit repeatedly, unknown to the fact that they slowly kill your gadgets. Correct them and your gadget would last as long as they are meant to.

Remember, do not kill your gadgets by your carelessness. Know the mistakes to avoid and what not to do to your electronic devices, ensuring their long-lasting life. If gadgets are your life, then make sure that you do not take the life of your electronics.

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