3 Custom T-shirt Design Ideas For Your Ecommerce Business

Custom T-shirt Design Ideas For Your Ecommerce Business

Designing custom t-shirts has become a lucrative business idea for many sellers in the e-commerce sector. It is mainly due to the never-ending demand for unique clothing and customized fashion. It’s also an opportunity to create garments by using your creativity and earning an extra income. Your designs need to look authentic and help your future consumers express their personalities to do this.

As such, here are three custom T-shirt design ideas you can use for your e-commerce business:

1. Graphic Prints

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular custom t-shirt design ideas. Graphic prints are a versatile option you can use to create shirts because the image designs and styles are endless. You can become artistic and create illustrations that capture the imagination of your potential customers.

Graphic print T-shirts begin with a detailed sketch of an image drawn by hand or digitally. You can then check a mockup website for more details on uploading the design and organizing its shirt placement. If you don’t have enough drawing skills, you can hire a graphic designer to do the sketches for you. Alternatively, you can buy stock image designs online t-shirts and include them in your print lineup.

You can group the shirts into themes that your customers can eventually choose from for the print itself. These can be faces, wacky cartoons, landscapes, colorful abstract constructions, and clear lines and patterns. An essential tip for graphic t-shirts is to try and incorporate as many color contrasts as you can into the designs. It is what makes graphic prints appealing and eye-catching.

2. Vintage And Retro

A fashion trend that has remained steady and in demand for decades is vintage and retro-inspired shirts. These shirts  look like they were created in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Many of the designs also feature pop culture imagery relevant to those periods. Think of design illustrations of motorcycles, comic panels, pop art, classic films, vintage cars, arcades, and old technology such as floppy disks and cassette tapes.

Vintage and retro shirts are commonly influenced by punk rock and grunge aesthetics. They’re known as band shirts and are part of a culture of fashion inspired by music. Your shirts can pay homage to legendary rock bands by featuring the iconography and logo of the group. If you want to differentiate from the usual band shirts, you can use album covers with tracklists and famous quotes by the band.

One thing to remember about creating vintage shirts is how you use color. It is so that you can achieve the ‘faded’ effect that makes your t-shirts look retro. Primary colors should be slightly dulled, and your image design can even have a smudged appearance for style purposes. You can also include writing a vintage year such as ‘1982’ on the shirt to make it specific to that time.

3. Statement Tees

People who have something bold to say, they can have it noted on a t-shirt. Slogan or statement T-shirts are about putting thoughts and popular opinions out on display for the public to read. It’s a way for people to express their identity and beliefs without saying a word.

To get started on your statement t-shirt design, you’ll need to do some research. It can be checking popular and frequently used hashtags on social media. Additionally, you can learn about some catchphrases and slogans commonly used by people in niche subcultures online. Doing this can be effective in understanding what can capture consumers’ attention that they would want on a shirt.

Alternatively, another favored option is to write the names of cities and countries in bold lettering and playful fonts. Keep in mind that if you opt for slogan T-shirts with political statements, the messaging should be lighthearted and within current acceptable trends. The wording should remain positive, impactful, and ideally not too controversial so that it won’t turn some customers away.


Creating T-shirts for your e-commerce business is easier than ever before. There are countless design ideas for you to choose from or create.

The Custom T-shirt design process begins with a mockup illustration you can have drawn by a designer or drawn yourself.

You can search the web for image ideas associated with the topics mentioned above to find inspiration. It can also give you insights into what your potential t-shirt buyers are looking for specifically. Try and find a gap in the market where you can. These can be within a niche market that hasn’t been catered to enough.

This approach can then help you tailor your shirt designs to consumers looking for them.

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