4 Advantages of Screen Printing Your Bulk Order T-Shirts

Advantages of Screen Printing

While there are many printing options available today, screen printing offers the best results for your clothing company.

Screen printing (or silk screening) has a long history that you can trace all the way back to ancient China. It has evolved over thousands of years as generations of artisans refined the process into what it is today.

Now, this sophisticated printing method involves pressing ink through a stencil to transfer your images and text onto fabric. This process creates vibrant, long-lasting designs that will impress your customers — but those aren’t its only advantages.

If you’re ready to create your own custom designs and sell them, consider sending your ideas to a silk screen printing company. Here are four advantages to using this printing method for bulk orders.

1. Screen Printing Produces Identical T-Shirts

Consistency is crucial for your t-shirt business. Your customers expect to get the same quality clothing, whether they’re purchasing one t-shirt or one hundred.

You can achieve that consistency with silk screening because it uses stencils. Once you create your design stencil, it becomes the template for every shirt you print with it.

Talented screen printing experts know how to apply the ink in such a way that produces identical designs every time, even if you have to print thousands of t-shirts.

2. It Produces Vibrant, Colourful Prints

Unlike other printing methods that dye fabric, silk screening applies ink on top of your t-shirt. This process means you don’t have to tweak your ink blend to offset the colour of your fabric. You can simply apply the ink to the shirt and know the colour you’ve chosen will hold up throughout the entire process.

More still, you can blend inks to create any colour in the rainbow without worrying about blending, bleeding, or losing details.

3. A Silk Screen Printing Company Can Scale Easily to Your Needs

Screen printing is an incredibly flexible option if you partner with an established wholesaler. These manufacturers already have the equipment and space to take on huge bulk orders, so they can easily scale to your growing business. As your t-shirts become more popular, you can increase your orders without worrying about inventory, equipment, or work hours.

Compare this to printing bulk t-shirts on your own. If your business takes off, you’ll have to sink costs into upgrading your printing space and equipment to handle these extra orders. You might even have to hire employees to help you meet demands.

4. Your Designs Will Last Long

Another big advantage to silk screening is how durable it is. If you partner with an experienced silk screening company, they know all the techniques that will extend the lifespan of your designs. Screen printing will last as long as the t-shirt does, and you won’t have to worry about cracks, fading, or other damages.

The Bottom Line

Screen printing is a tried and tested way to create custom clothing that promises long-lasting, vibrant, and consistent results. If this sounds like something your t-shirt business could benefit from, check out local silk screen printing companies near you.

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