4 Ways to free your home of pesky allergens

pesky allergens

Despite doing our level best in designing, creating and beautifying our homes, some of us still find it difficult to maintain the overall health quotient of our abodes. Accordingly, if you or your family members are suffering from allergies or they have congestion issue, you should consider having your home inspected for potential mold spores or other toxins that could be growing in your home. If you find that your home is free of mold and toxins but you are still having allergies not related to seasonal changes, you can do certain things within your home to prevent or lessen symptoms. This article will highlight some ways to rid your home of pesky allergens.

 Get rid of the dust accumulating in your home


If you do not dust your home regularly, consider adding it to your weekly routine. It is quite common for dust to accumulate on furniture, windowsills, and in your vents over time. This is especially true if you live with pets. By dusting your home every week, you can prevent health related problems associated with dust mites.

Clean your house 

Even if you consistently keep your home neat and tidy, it is a good idea to give your home a deep clean several times throughout the year. Mopping the floors, cleaning the baseboards, and cleaning out the cobwebs from window screens and obscure corners in your home are all ways to keep your home from generating allergens that will affect you and your family.

Vacuum regularly

When cleaning your home, be sure to include vacuuming as a priority. Vacuuming up dirt, dust, pet hair and dander is a great way to rid your home of toxins. Not to mention the carpet looks so much nicer after it has been vacuumed. To add an extra level of cleanliness to your space, shampoo your carpets throughout the year. This will not only pull up stains, but will also increase the life of your carpet.

Clean your air ducts 

Over time, it is natural for your air ducts to accumulate dust and pet hair if you do not have them cleaned regularly. Cleaning out your air ducts can help eliminate allergens and keep your home smelling fresh. If you are not interested in doing the task on your own, you can hire a professional to do it for you at a reasonable price. To learn more, start out by checking out 

Get your pup groomed consistently


It is common for pets to shed and leave hair all around the house. While your pet cannot help this, you can do certain things to prevent it from becoming a problem for your household. If your pets have long hair and are susceptible to shedding their coat, be sure to schedule regular grooming appointments for them. Doing so will not only keep your dog more comfortable, but it will also eliminate some of the dander and hair that is displaced throughout your home.

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