Do Technological advancements have a negative or positive impact on us?

Technological advancements

Ever since the beginning of time, man has always been creative. Eventually, it evolved to think of new ideas and, accordingly, came up with advanced gadgets, appliances and practically anything that we can use in our day-to-day lives. From using materials like sticks and rocks to creating knives and spears, and to the introduction of the computer, we had seen advancement in practically every form.

The real meaning of the word ‘Technology ‘

Technological advancements

If you had to define the word Technology in its literal sense, it is the result of people’s thought process, views, creations and the ability to think out of the box. In the past, the advancement of Technology was slow considering the lack of resources and breakthroughs. However, the minute we saw the introduction of machines and electronic technology, the ball started rolling at a rapid pace.

The positive sides of this growth

Considering how technology is growing today, it is truly living up to the saying that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Technology has paved a new path and has created a more informative and knowledgeable world. We can clearly see this in different innovations that have eventually hit the markets today. From schools to offices and even our homes, we have technology present everywhere.

The time consuming tasks become more faster because of the additional support that we get from Technology. Apart from that, we also get to know the kind of trends that are hitting the market based on an overall statistics or individual preferences. Furthermore, it has simplified life by resolving a lot of problems just with the click of a button.

The other side of the coin marks the negative end

Technological advancements

Just like the positive sides of technology, we also have a negative side to it. Technology has changed us in so many ways that today we have become more dependent on it.  Considering the effects and impact technology has created in our lives, we have become so used to having it around us in the form of our smartphones or laptops.

Technology is both friend and enemy

There was a time when people used to do calculations using the brain and fingers. From there we saw the introduction of calculators and editing software, such as  Now, we are using the Internet for solving many math problems through various online portals.

Sometimes the ability to think practically and logically is taken over by what we see in front of our eyes. The real meaning of using our brains is restricted from the manual use to various shortcuts that technology offers us. The fact that we have become so used to having technology controlling our lives on its own is something that we really need to sit down and think about.

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