4 Ways to Hide Your Water Heater

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Have you ever had to take a really cold shower so early in the morning? It is cold and an experience we would not want to have again! That is why we always take a moment each day to thank the water heater gods for bringing to us this technology.


Our water heater is a lifesaver! It is an important appliance at home that we (honestly) only truly appreciate once it stops working (e.g., in the middle of a shower!). Relying in the thermodynamic process, it makes use of energy to heat water—the very water that we use when bathing, cleaning, cooking, and space heating.

However, there is one issue most homeowners agree on when it comes to our water heater. It is an eyesore! We are yet to find a water heater that is actually pretty and that we would not mind placing anywhere in our homes.

You are lucky if you have the less bulky types (i.e., the tankless types). And if you are thinking of getting one, there are many sources online about Navien hot water heaters and helpful tankless water heater reviews. The advantage of tankless water heaters, among others, is that they do not come with an ugly tank.

But until then, let us make do of what we currently have. While it is true for many of us that we are stuck with our ugly water heaters (and their tanks!), there are still various ways to keep them from completely destroying the aesthetics of our home. The good news is they are easy to do and do not cost much.

Hang on.

Before we go deep into the realm of “water heater hiding,” it is worth mentioning that when it comes to water heaters, at the end of the day, aesthetics are not the top priority. We have to keep in mind first some best practices when it comes to installing our water heaters.

Water heater installation best practices


  1. Be familiar with your local building codes. For example, your local building code may require that your water heater is installed a certain feet off the floor.
  1. Decide carefully where your water heater should be installed in. Will it be in the garage or attic? Keep in mind also that certain water heater types require more combustion air and venting.
  1. Take into consideration the distance between your water heater and faucet or rooms that the heater will supply hot water to.
  1. Ask questions. Water heater installation requires a little bit of expertise. It is best to have an expert help guide you as you make decision as regards the selection and installation of your water heater.
  1. Safety first! Okay, so now you know the basics of water heater installation. It is then time to address the nagging issue for many homeowners like us who want our homes to look pretty.

How do we hide this eyesore that is our water heater?


  1. Curtains!

This is perhaps the easiest way to hide your water heater. All you need is a shower or cloth curtain and a shower curtain rod. Depending on the size of your water heater, you may need a curtain that runs from floor to ceiling.

The key is looking for a curtain design that goes with the general aesthetic look of the entire room. You may opt for a more subdued color or you can go for one with an artsy design. The choice is yours!

  1. Cabinet or closet

Another common method of hiding your water heater is by installing a cabinet or placing it inside a closet. You just need to find a matching hardware and a pretty cabinet door. Be sure to make the space large enough for easy access in case of leaks.

While your tankless water heater is not as bulky looking as your regular water heater, you may also choose to hide it through a cabinet. Since the tankless type is mounted on the wall, you can easily build a mini cabinet around it.

The downside of this method, however, is some homeowners find it too artificial and deliberate. The key then is to make sure it compliments the look of the room (and of other cabinets around it) in terms of color and design.

  1. Room divider

Room dividers always have a chic aura surrounding them. What’s more—they are very easy to install. Just simply know the size of your water heater and find a room divider design that suits the whole look of your room.

However, room dividers are seen as a temporary solution. While they work for a while, many homeowners opt for more permanent fixes such as cabinets.

  1. Mirror

A mirror can be used to hide your water heater too! Place a free-standing mirror with the back facing the water heater you are trying to conceal. Of course, the height and width of the mirror should be enough to cover the appliance.

Mirrors serve a dual purpose—they hide your water heater and they make your room look bigger.

Whatever method you find, just learn to have fun! Be creative. Think outside the box.

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