5 Easy Bathroom Upgrades That Will Transform Your Space

Easy Bathroom Upgrades That Will Transform Your Space

In the process of planning a bathroom remodel? Whether you’re about to install ​​custom made bathroom cabinets or are just looking for a few small additions to make this space more welcoming for guests and enjoyable for members of your household, here are a few easy bathroom upgrades that will transform the entire space.

1.  Entertainment Center

While it might seem weird to place a TV or stereo system in your bathroom, doing so could make taking a relaxing bath or getting ready in the morning so much easier and more enjoyable. Get cozy with your favorite movie while unwinding in the tub, or listen to your favorite music or podcast with ease while doing your morning beauty routine.

2.  More Storage

Your bathroom is likely one of the most used rooms in your home, and one that is likely home to numerous people’s personal beauty and hygiene products that can allow clutter to pile up in the room. Instantly update your bathroom space and give yourself more room by adding some storage options such as drawers, hanging shelves and racks, and decorative baskets to ensure that everything has its own place and to make cleaning up your bathroom easier than ever.

3.  Shower Bench

Encourage relaxation and give your shower a modern upgrade by installing a shower bench. While there are plenty of benches on the market made from bamboo or other waterproof materials that can easily be placed in your shower, undergoing a complete shower remodel and opting for a shower with a built-in bench looks great in any space and will instantly elevate the look of your bathroom.

4.  Luxury Tub

If an old, outdated bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom, it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you opt for a large jacuzzi tub, a vintage-style clawfoot model, or a freestanding tub that will save space and add a contemporary look to your bathroom, upgrading your tub to a newer and nicer model will instantly change the look of your bathroom.

5.  Natural Lighting

Brighten up your dull, dreary bathroom with the installation of a few new windows. Incorporating natural lighting into your bathroom will help to open the room up and make it appear cleaner, while also giving you better lighting at your bathroom vanity!

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