5 Facts about Cremation Jewellery

Facts about Cremation Jewellery

Losing someone close is something almost everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. As you work your way through the grieving process, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by sorrow and anguish, feeling that nothing in the world could possibly fill the emptiness.

After dealing with the initial shock of loss, a deep desire to hold onto the memory of the person no longer with you often arises. And a wonderful way to capture the essence of someone who’s passed on and keep them close is through cremation jewellery.

Made from the ashes of a loved one, cremation jewellery provides you with a way to reconnect with the person you’ve lost and focus on the happy times you spent together. If you’re considering turning the ashes of a loved one into a cremation diamond, here’s everything you need to know about the unique type of jewellery.

1. There are so many options

customised jewellery

With all the different options available, it’s easy to create a piece of jewellery that you love and symbolises the person it represents. You can customise the type of jewellery, setting, metal colour, diamond carat, diamond shape and diamond colour to create a stunning piece that reminds you of your loved one every time you glance at it.

2. It’s a unique keepsake

The focal diamond in cremation jewellery is made from the ashes of someone who’s passed on. By creating a personal piece of jewellery like this, you can keep the memory of your loved one alive for years to come. You can be sure that there’s no other ring, pendant or set of earrings quite like yours anywhere else in the world and find comfort in having someone who means so much to you close by at all times.

3. Cremation diamonds are real diamonds

Cremation diamonds are real diamonds

Cremation diamonds are real diamonds with the exact same physical and visual properties as those mined underground. The only difference is one is made by applying intense heat and pressure inside a laboratory, while the other is created through intense heat and pressure within the Earth. After your diamond is grown from the ashes of your loved one, specialists polish and cut it according to your preferences, just like they do with mined diamonds.

4. They’re affordable

It’s easy to dismiss cremation jewellery for being too expensive, but the one-of-a-kind keepsake is actually affordable for many. According to Money Advice Service, the average cremation costs £3,250, while the average burial costs £4,321. That’s a difference of £1,071. With cremation diamonds starting at £600, a cremation and a unique piece of cremation jewellery could be the cheaper option.

5. Cremation jewellery is priceless

unique jewellery

No matter what you pay for cremation jewellery, the keepsake you get in return is truly priceless. Being able to physically hold the memory of a lost loved one in your hands and wear it with you wherever you go for years to come provides unparalleled comfort in a time of need. Whenever you look at your unique jewellery, you’ll be reminded of all the happy times you spent together.

The idea of cremation jewellery might seem unusual at first, but it’s becoming increasingly normal. Instead of storing the ashes of someone close to you inside an urn or scattering them outdoors, consider transforming them into a precious diamond you’ll treasure forever.

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