5 Reasons Why Tall Men Need To Get a Bike Fitting

Reasons Why Tall Men Need To Get a Bike Fitting

Bikes are often separated into three categories — men, women, and kids. This might create the impression that any bike within your corresponding category should fit perfectly. If you’ve ever tried to ride an ill-fitted bike, though, you know that this certainly isn’t the case. In fact, bikes should never be treated as a one-size-fits-all offering — especially if you happen to be on the tall side. E bikes for tall guys are designed to accommodate longer legs and torsos so that you never have to feel strained when you’re riding your bike.

The Importance of Being Comfortable on Your Bike

1. Feel motivated to exercise more

motivated to exercise

When you’re riding a bike that’s not right for your body size, you’ll likely feel uncomfortable at best, and at worst, you may be in considerable pain. Bikes are a great tool for getting exercise — but only if you’re actually comfortable while doing so. You won’t be motivated to move if you’ll be in pain when you do so. Invest in a bike that’s suited to your body frame so that you’re motivated to ride it and get exercise.

2. Maintain good posture while riding

A huge component of your comfort while riding is your ability to maintain good posture. A bike that facilitates an upright stance is best for this purpose, but it won’t be effective if the frame is too small. It’s a good idea to get a bike that’s fitted to you so that you aren’t hunched over while you’re riding. This can ultimately harm your back and cause pain that lingers long after a ride is over.

3. Avoid preventable riding injuries

The afore mentioned back pain that can be caused by an ill-sized bike frame may be more than a superficial issue. In some cases, a bike that is too small can cause injuries that were completely preventable. When you see 7-speed bike gears explained, you’ll understand that a too-small bike causes riders to strain their muscles and tendons. If this happens continuously, an injury is likely to occur.

Avoid the Regret of Wasting All That Money

4. Choose the right bike the first time

Handsome young businessman on the ebike with takeaway coffee cup

A bike is an investment — especially if you’re shopping for a model like an eBike or another type of premium design. This statement is true, though, no matter what kind of bike you buy or how much you may spend. Rather than embarking on a process of trial and error — which is both incredibly costly and inconvenient — a bike fitting can allow you to choose the right bike the first time.

5. Know what works best for you

You might be surprised to find that you’re most comfortable riding an adult tricycle or using an eBike for your daily commute. A bike fitting gives you the opportunity to explore every available option so that you make your decision with as much knowledge as possible. This lowers the chances that you’ll regret your purchase, and it helps ensure that you make the best investment possible, too.

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