5 Things that would help you individualize your car


We watched a video on interesting and slightly off-the-wall car interiors, and decided that most of the things that those people installed were just plain useless. However, interior modifications can be useful if you pick them right. Our article is aimed to help car owners, whether they’re new or very familiar to the theme of customization. By listing a few very interesting and noteworthy thingies for your car’s interior, we hope to help you improve your travel experiences!

 1. A one-of-a-kind steering wheel

A one-of-a-kind steering wheel

Custom steering wheels aren’t just for show. A scoffed, deformed or worn-out unit might make the car difficult to handle while also looking aesthetically unpleasing.

A retro vibe is always lovely, so you can send your current, yet “tired” wheel to get a steering wheel restoration service. Some providers of this service do more than just restore, however. They can add personalized accents like initials to your steering wheel to make it really stand out. Take advantage and individualize your car even more.

The customization can also bring even more room for improvisation. You can change wood into leather, vice versa. Without even altering the geometry, steering wheel restoration and customizing a steering wheel brings genuine individuality to any car. 

2. Custom instrument clusters/gauges

Just as with a steering wheel, a custom gauge or a modified digital instrument cluster can significantly alter the feel of your car. This is not an expensive purchase, yet it definitely adds personality as well as practicality. For example, an owner of a modded car can track turbo pressure or other metrics as well. 

3. Dashboard kits

Dashboard kits


Dashboard covers work in the same way as steering wheel covers. Whether they’re wooden, plastic, vinyl, metal or made from carbon fiber, a proper dashboard kit can add luxuriousness, sportiness or seemingly any other trait to an interior of your vehicle. Since we did not mention, you can also send your worn-down unit to have it restored. 

4. Seat covers

Custom-made or bought seat covers are an amazing addition to the interior of your car. Make use of them to boost comfort, hide the wear and tear or make it really stand out. 

5. LED lights

LED lights

Ambient lighting is becoming more and more popular as an extra feature in cars. Manufacturers, however, have limited creativity and leave a huge vacuum for regular people like you to experiment with individual LED lighting.

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