6 Reasons to Have a Garden Room for Extra Family Space

Have a Garden Room for Extra Family Space

More than ever before, people are buying into the idea of having garden homes and there are various reasons for this. For one, it offers extra family space for families that need it.

Well, this concept is not something that emerged recently. Its history dates back to the medieval era or even earlier. This article is not all about its history and so we would not touch on that here. However, if you are interested in knowing about its history, you can read this article.

More importantly, we would discuss reasons why you should not take a pass on having a garden room. Going through the benefits listed and explained here will help you realize how having one installed will do you and your family a lot of good.

Benefits of Having a Garden Room

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The subject of having a garden room would not be brought up if having one is not beneficial. There is so much you stand to gain by having one and they include the following: 

1.      Assures that Main Space Remains Useful

Experience has shown the need for space is dynamic. This is because changes that occur over the years increase or reduce the demand for space in our homes.

Some people are not satisfied because they live in a place that is too big for them. In the same vein, some people feel unsatisfied because they are somewhere that does not have sufficient space. For the most part, this happens because our need for space is dynamic. This means that it changes with time.

Let us paint a common picture of how this happens. Imagine a newly wedded couple that just got a house. At that stage in their lives, a two-bedroom home seems good enough for them.

This is not the case when kids come along. This is especially as the kids grow and begin to show signs of independence and demand it. For lots of people, the option is changing location.

Well, this is not an easy thing to do. The reason is that people get consciously and subconsciously attached to where they have stayed for a while. So, what other alternatives do such people have?

Well, having a garden room installed is a viable solution. This is because it ensures that your main building remains useful while you have extra space or spaces as the case may be. This is an idea that would fly for the most part as most homes have gardens that can be used for this.

2.      It Is Great in Terms of Cost

Some people are not bent on changing locations when the need for extra space arises. As mentioned earlier, attachment to their usual location could be a reason even though there are other reasons.

Some of these people consider undertaking a home extension project. This could be feasible but it is not without its challenges. Funding is one of the major challenges for most people.

The cost of extending the home is beyond what many people can afford. It is therefore not out of place to consider more cost-effective options. To this end, having a garden room installed is the right way to go for a lot of people.

3.      Most Homes Have Space for it

These installations can only work if the landscape has room for it. In simpler terms, this means that there has to be a garden where the installation can happen.

The good news is that most homes here are good enough in this regard. It has been gathered that close to 90% of homes here are this way. For information backing up this claim, you can check out:

4.      Space For Hosting Loved Ones

Perhaps you have loved ones, friends, and well-wishers that you would love to host. Your challenge might be space as your place does not have room for so many people.

There are times you might even stretch the space beyond its limits and only realize it is not comfortable for both you and your guest(s). The sad reality is that this can reduce or even nullify your chances of having your loved ones over at your place.

Well, it does not have to be this way. Having the right kind of garden home will take care of this. For this reason, you should consider having one installed.

5.      A Dwelling in a Serene Environment

This is one of the major highlights of having this installation that many people turn a blind eye to. It adds to what you had before in terms of space. But in addition to this, it ensures that you have that extra space in a serene environment.

This is because it is stationed right where you are always thrilled to stay – your garden. Hanging out, working, or relaxing in a garden home installed in a well-managed garden is therapeutic. So, you should consider installing one for this reason.

6.      Can Serve a Lot of Purposes

Frankly, it is very hard to talk about what they can be used for. This is not because it serves no purpose but because it can serve a lot of purposes. Some of the reasons people have this installation include the following:

  • As a remote workstation
  • For hosting visitors
  • For storing items
  • As a relaxation spot

These are just a few of the purposes that a garden home can serve as there are myriads of others. So, you should think about what this installation can do for you and have one installed that can meet that need. You can see Essex Garden Rooms to learn about the various purposes that a garden home can serve.


As a family in need of extra space, it is a good idea to have a garden home installed. This is because of the several benefits that come with having them. A few of them have been discussed here.

In light of these benefits, you are advised to have a garden home installed. However, make sure the right company handles the project as this is equally important.

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