8 – Design Hacks to Make Any Small Space Look Big

Design Hacks to Make Any Small Space Look Big

If you’re starting to feel as if the walls in your home or office are closing in on you, then here are eight surprisingly easy and effective design hacks that will make any small space look and feel considerably bigger:

1.      Use light-colored paint or wallpaper.

Use light-colored paint

Lighter shades reflect light, while darker shades absorb light. As such, even when the square footage is exactly the same, a room that is painted white or beige will feel bigger vs. one that is painted dark blue or black.

2.      Get furniture that is lower to the ground, and that has exposed legs.

No, you don’t have to shop in The Shire with the rest of the Hobbits. But if you get furniture that is lower to the ground and that has exposed legs— e.g. armchair, sofa bed, coffee table, TV stand, and so on — your room will feel larger, since there is more open space.

3.      Strategically use mirrors.


When strategically hung, mirrors make rooms feel larger to two reasons. First, they reflect light; especially if they are opposite to a window. Second, they reflect the view, which creates the perception that the space is larger.

4.      Dazzle the ceiling.

Applying paint, wallpaper or decals to the ceiling will draw the eye upwards, which makes a room feel larger.

5.      Avoid small decorative items.


You’d think it makes sense to use small decorative items in a small room, right? Surprisingly however, this is not the case; that is, not if you want to make the room appear larger. Instead, use a few, larger decorative items like vases.

6.      Use hidden storage.

To reduce clutter — and create the sense that a room is larger — use hidden storage, like ottomans that open up to store blankets, pillows, and so on.

7.      Ditch the curtains.

window blinds

Uncovered windows create a sense of depth, and therefore make rooms appear and feel larger. If you’re concerned about privacy or drafts at night and in the winter, blinds or roman shares are good ideas. If you’re running a business, then consider getting window decals or tinting from a reputable company like the Landmark Sign Company.

8.      Use striped rugs.

People who want to look thinner are advised to wear vertical stripes, because it gives the impression that they’re taller and leaner. Well, the same thing happens when you use a striped rug, wallpaper or wall covering — except for rooms, you typically want to emphasize the horizontal rather than the vertical (the exception is if you have especially low ceilings and want to make the room appear to have more height).

The Bottom Line 

Taking advantage of any, some, or all of the above suggestions will noticeably — and in some cases dramatically — make any small room like big. No, it’s not magic, but it’s so transformative and amazing, it might as well be!

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