8 Design Tips For A Comfy Guest Room

Design Tips For A Comfy Guest Room

Homeowners who love hosting family and friends will benefit greatly from having a comfortable guest room. It’s helpful to have a relaxing guest room that your loved ones can use to rest each time they’re visiting. Many design tips are available that can help transform your guest room, and some of the best ones are listed below.

1.   Make Sure The Bed Is Of High-Quality

Sleeping on a high-quality bed or mattress can have great health benefits. A high-quality bed can gently support a person’s spine and provide great comfort. You can browse for beds & bed frames at RJ Living and the like and find the best for your guest room.

Guests should feel renewed in the morning, and having a great bed can ensure that. They’ll be able to sleep deeply and comfortably, even if they move a lot when sleeping. You can decide what type of high-quality bed to put in the guest room.

There are also many bed size options on the market, so you can choose between having King- or Queen-sized options or sing or double options. Remember to clean the mattress at least once a month so that it’s always fresh and ready for guests.

2.   Provide Seating Options In The Room

One way to make your guest room extra comfortable is to provide some seating options for your intended visitors. Guests will have more than one option to relax: rest on the bed or on the seating provided. Consider the guest bedroom size before deciding what seating type to use.

You can start by providing seating options to seat at least two guests. This will be great for couples and solo visitors who love to sit and read in the mornings. There are many furniture options out there, but you can also utilize any extra furniture you may have in your house.

3.   Stock Up On Extra Towels

As a host, you should make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible including anticipating their needs. Having extra towels on hand is a great way to ensure that your guests aren’t inconvenienced in the morning when they’re getting ready. This is also a great idea for those unexpected guests who come over at short notice.

Make sure to use high-quality towels to not irritate the guests’ skins. You can choose from a variety of color styles and material towel options. Remember to always have clean ones on hand.

4.   Get Closet And Storage Options

Storage and closet space is a great way to make your guests feel welcome. It’s an opportunity for them to unload and unpack before settling in.

There are many storage and closet options to consider for the bedroom space and design that you’ve got. Under-the-bed storage uses the space underneath the bed, and dressers can be moved into the room to provide extra storage space.

If you already have built-in closets in the bedrooms, make sure they are clean for guests’ arrival. Further, conduct much-needed repairs to prevent any accidents.

5.   Provide High-Quality Pillows And Duvets

One way to ensure that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep is to provide high-quality pillows and duvets. Consider the materials used in the duvet and pillows as different options provide different comfort levels. Feather and down options are known to be warm and breathable, while wool options can retain air better. Silk options are great for guests who may have some allergies as they are hypoallergenic.

6.   Add Mirrors To The Room

Mirrors can make a room seem bigger than it actually is. It’s a great way to bring a dynamic aesthetic to the room. Mirrors will also have a very functional use as guests will use them when getting ready. They’ll be able to fix their make-up or tie without leaving the bedroom area.

You can place the mirror opposite a dynamic piece of art or flowers in the bedroom to create a relaxing symmetry. You can also place decors opposite a view if you have one, so if you stay by a lake or mountain, you can put a mirror parallel to the view. It will definitely bring a relaxing aura to the room.

7.   Provide Bathroom Amenities

Providing your guests with amenities shows that you care about their comfort. Your guests will be able to freshen up without bringing their own toiletries. Select high-quality amenity options like soap, body wash, and moisturizers. You can choose environmentally friendly products available in different fragrances and sizes.

Make sure you get enough products for two guests at a time and stock up on extras to prepare for any outcome.

8.   Let Guests Help Themselves To Tea Or Coffee

Tea and coffee are just one of the best ways to relax for most people; hence, they’ll be a great touch to have a little beverage table in the room. Guests will be able to serve themselves tea or coffee in the privacy of their guest room.

Include a small nook in your guest room that’ll hold amenities for preparing beverages. Provide your guests with various tea and coffee options as some guests like decaf coffee while others like green tea. 


By following the design tips mentioned, you’ll be able to transform your guest room from a simple bedroom to a comfortable haven. Many options are available on the market, so make sure you can anticipate your guests’ needs and stick up on extras. Providing your guests with everything they need will ensure a peaceful stay and a restful sleep. They’ll look forward to their next visit.

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