8 Reasons Why Old Collection Toys are Making a Comeback

Reasons Why Old Collection Toys are Making a Comeback

In recent years, old collection toys have been making a comeback in the market thanks to their high-quality craftsmanship and their timeless appeal. Also known as vintage collectibles, these vintage collectibles are made in limited quantities you can visit to have a hassle-free life collecting them. Here are 8 reasons why these old collection toys are making a comeback in the market today.

1. Nostalgia

When old toys were at their peak, they were beyond cool and everybody wanted them. Unfortunately, they also became obsolete, and newer video games were released. As time passed, these classic games were discontinued until all that was left was an outdated pile of junk collecting dust in your parent’s basement.

However, now we have entered into a new age where everything is retro including technology, clothes and art. Now people from all over are using their childhood relics to bring back nostalgic memories or just for fun!

2. Modern Toy Companies Are Targeting That Market

As adults, we often forget about our beloved collection of toys. It’s very rare to run into someone that would consider himself an adult and collector of toys at once. Back in the 80s, there were many more old collection toys available for us to collect. Nowadays it looks like more and more modern toy companies started targeting their products toward older age groups.

Of course, most of them may not even want to call themselves collectors, but they could be considered one with all those new figures we see in stores these days…so what do you think? Are old collection toys making a comeback or is it just my imagination?

3. Traditional Toys Are Surprisingly Affordable and Accessible

Back in our parents’ day, most children didn’t grow up with iPads and gaming consoles. Instead, they played with traditional toys: wooden blocks, action figures, toy cars and Hot Wheels. These basic toys have remained popular with collectors for decades due to their affordability and accessibility.

Not only can you find many of these items at your local thrift store or garage sale for $5 or less, but you can also purchase some at antique stores and auction sites like eBay for just a few dollars—or even free! Take plastic soldiers as an example: If you were to buy plastic army men today in bulk, you might pay $15-$20 per set; that same amount will get you 10 times as many vintage figures on eBay.

4. Crowd funding

Crowd funding has become wildly popular in recent years, helping aspiring entrepreneurs secure initial funding. Many people have turned to crowdfund sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise capital, with $3.3 billion pledged across Kickstarter campaigns from 2009 through 2012.

Whether you’re looking for funds for your latest gadget or want to invest in someone else’s idea, finding a good crowdfunding platform is essential. Check out our guide to kickstarting your small business for more information on financing ideas and what platforms are available to help you fund them.

5. Collectors Have Become Older

Anyone who collects anything knows that your interest often peaks during your childhood years, only to continue at some later time in life. So it’s no surprise that toy collecting in particular is increasing among people of older generations. In fact, The Toy Association has reported on several occasions that people over 50 have been one of their fastest-growing markets.

As each generation gets older, more and more people begin to fall into certain habits and behaviors as they get settled into their careers and homes; for example, many adults tend to think back fondly on their childhoods. This is perhaps most noticeable with toy collectors — after all, you can’t start collecting something until you buy it!

6. Quality is better than ever before

According to recent reports, toy manufacturers have taken note of consumer demand for higher quality toys. As technology continues to improve, so does manufacturing. In many cases, these updated methods result in better-made products that last longer than ever before.

For example, if you have an old collection of Tonka trucks and cars from your childhood in storage somewhere, consider pulling them out for your children or grandchildren to play with. While they’re not quite as rugged as their forebears from decades ago (because kids break things now), it’s likely they’ll last much longer than plastic junk made overseas today. 

7. They Can Be Used as Educational Resources for Children

You might recall how tough it was to come up with $50 for your first issue of X-Men when you were 10. Times have changed, and as we’ve become more cognizant of saving money for our kids’ college educations, we’re also finding ways to entertain them that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

When it comes to toys, if you scour eBay or garage sales, you can find classic Marvel and DC comics toys from back in your day that would cost hundreds of dollars today. If a kid gets attached to one character or another (which is likely), he or she will be even more engaged in learning about comics at school—and maybe even get into reading comic books on their own!

8. They Encourage Creativity, And Not Just Imagination

Kids love to create. So it’s no surprise that many toys on toy store shelves today encourage kids to make something out of nothing. Building blocks and play kitchens let kids build anything they want with their imaginations; collection toys do, too! It might be a figure of their favorite superhero or artist – whatever it is, creating is what counts.

And as parents know, fostering creativity in your children can help them develop skills for life that aren’t just useful for making art: Things like critical thinking and problem solving are also fun side effects of playing with real toys.


Once upon a time, toys made of wood were popular and played an integral part in creating some of our fondest childhood memories. However, as time went on and technology advanced, many toy manufacturers decided to use plastic instead. Sure, they’re cheaper to make but they won’t bring back all those great memories.

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