8 Steps to Picking the Perfect Jewellery for Your Outfit

Steps to Picking the Perfect Jewellery for Your Outfit

When it comes to jewellery, there are so many options to choose from. You can buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more all in the same place! If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your outfit, the best way to do it is by finding the right jewellery online to match your outfit’s colour scheme and theme. Here are eight steps that will help you pick out just the right piece!

Step 1: Recognize whether jewellery works with your outfit

When considering accessories, first ask yourself if the jewellery is a good choice for your outfit. If you’re trying to make a statement with jewellery and it clashes with your outfit, you may end up taking away from what you’re going for. If there are no hints of colour in your outfit, don’t throw on loud earrings.

A simple necklace may work better. It can be difficult to pick out an accessory that complements both your look and personality when picking one at random, so we recommend making a plan before heading out shopping.

Step 2: Don’t wear too much jewellery at once

Too much at once can be overwhelming. Instead, pick your favourite piece and complement it with one of a lower value. If you’re wearing earrings, try not to wear a necklace or bracelet or vice versa.

Mixing metals—like gold and silver—is fine as long as they don’t match. The same rule applies if you’re mixing different stones; however, stick with simple hues of one colour (e.g., sapphire and ruby).

Step 3: Choose jewellery based on your face shape

This can be a trickier one, but choosing jewellery is always easier when you have a strategy. If you have an oval face, you’re lucky! You can wear any shape of earrings without appearing too heavy-handed.

Round and heart-shaped faces should stick to earrings that add length and fullness, such as dangling hoops or chandeliers. The trick is to make sure your earrings are big enough that they don’t look lost in your ears, but not so big that they appear heavy on your face. Heart-shaped faces should avoid long dangly earrings.

Step 4: Pick a colour palette

Finding jewellery online can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful styles and so many different colours, that it’s hard to figure out what will look best with your outfit. The first step in picking jewellery that complements your wardrobe is figuring out what colours you love wearing most often, or which colours you find complementary to your skin tone.

If you’re just starting to build a personal collection of accessories, I recommend choosing one or two colours at a time. That way you have enough variety without being overwhelmed by too much choice. Once you know what colours work best for you, choose from our selection of multi-colour pieces that work well with each colour!

Step 5: Match your accessories to your outfit

The next step is to consider what kind of earrings, belt, scarf or brooch will go best with your outfit. Do you have a specific piece in mind? If so, that’s great! Otherwise, we recommend searching jewellery + [whatever you’re looking for] on Google. This should bring up images of tons of different pieces.

You can then narrow down your search based on price and style. If you aren’t sure how an accessory will look with your clothes, try putting them together in a collage or adding your outfit items to see how they look together on Polyvore (which works similarly to Pinterest). For example, a grey blazer with skinny jeans and black ballet flats would pair well with silver or gold studs or hoop earrings.

Step 6: Think out of the box

Let’s be honest; you’re probably buying jewellery online if you’re looking for a unique piece of art, not just any old generic cufflinks. To make sure your piece stands out from all of its competitors, look at it with new eyes and ask yourself:

  • How would I style it differently?
  • What can I pair it with that makes my outfit pop?

Asking questions like these will help open your mind up to new ideas—and even entirely new outfits—you may not have considered before. If all else fails, give us a call! We love getting inspiration from our customers and pushing ourselves to create something you’ll love!

Step 7: Go for quality over quantity

Selecting accessories should be done with quality in mind, rather than how many options you can fit into your wardrobe. To avoid buying a bunch of cheap items that you won’t end up wearing or will only wear once, it’s important to consider quality over quantity. However, high-quality accessories aren’t just limited to designer pieces; often you can find beautiful and elegant accessories at discount retailers.

Instead of going overboard, opt for classic yet functional pieces that are versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits. If you’re looking to purchase jewellery online, your best bet is to purchase earrings and necklaces that go well together so they can match any outfit you have in your closet.

Step 8: Mix and match different pieces

There’s no right or wrong way to put an outfit together, and that’s especially true when it comes to jewellery. The most important thing is making sure your earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings work well together. Matching an eclectic mix of accessories looks great on any outfit.

If you’re mixing metals, make sure they don’t clash – take a look at our guide to keeping gold and silver accessories in check. Of course, while you want your accessories all to be matching in terms of colour scheme, there are many ways they can still stand out and give each other a bit of extra flair; think about layering them or wearing something brighter or darker than everything else. 


After searching through our resources and websites we were unable to find an actual how-to guide that explained how women should go about purchasing jewellery. From our research, here are 8 steps that a woman can take to ensure she has picked out a piece of jewellery that looks great with her outfit! We hope you found these steps helpful and remember when it comes down to purchasing jewellery, make sure you are comfortable with your purchase and you love it! Have a nice day!

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