Eight Types of Clothing That Every Woman Needs

Eight Types of Clothing That Every Woman Needs

If you want to look as classy as possible in all your everyday life situations, it’s important to make sure you have the right clothing on at all times. Whether you’re going to work or going out on the town, you can find the type of clothing that fits your situation best here. At Impulse Boutique, carry some of the latest trends in women’s clothing and accessories, so you can try out new looks without feeling too risky about what you buy.

1.  Dressy Jeans

The most favourited way to wear denim without looking like we’re trying too hard is to pair them with a dressy top. It looks polished and pulled together—and if you’re wearing heels, it will make your legs look, killer, too.

We love these amazing jeans because they are high-waisted and a bit stretchy—so they hold everything in place nicely! Bonus: you can dress them up or down. Pair them with nude or black heels for work, or swap out your heels for sandals when you’re heading out to dinner at night!

2.  Casual Blouses

Casual Blouses

A blouse is a loose shirt that covers your upper body and is typically not very fitted. While a blouse can be considered formal wear, it is most often worn casually. When shopping for casual blouses, look for tops with casual details like ruffles or embroidery as opposed to button-ups with collars.

The goal with looking for casual blouses is to find something that’s still girly or dressy but will look more relaxed than your typical button up top. As long as you keep that mindset in mind, there are endless possibilities for how you can wear a casual blouse.

3.  Stunning Skirts

Skirts are often underrated. They can be formal or casual, but they have a way of adding elegance to any outfit. If you don’t have enough skirts in your closet, it might be time to treat yourself to some new ones from Impulse Boutique.

Here are just a few that you should consider purchasing: Pencil skirts: This type of skirt is always flattering and sleek. Whether you want a conservative A-line one or something more form-fitting, it’s sure to look amazing when paired with heels and a blouse or shirtdress. A-line skirts: This style also falls under pencil skirts; however, they are wider at the bottom than they are at the waist.

4.  Stylish Dresses

Stylish Dresses

When it comes to women’s clothing, nothing says style like a dress. One-piece or two-piece, casual or elegant, your closet can never have too many dresses in your wardrobe. An easy way to add variety and spice up your current looks is by incorporating stylish dresses into your everyday life.

Try one on for a dinner date, office lunch meeting or afternoon coffee with friends—it will be sure to please! Here are eight types of dresses you need from Impulse boutique!

5.  Perfect Pants

The perfect pair of pants can be hard to find. If you’re shopping for a dress, how do you know if a pant will work? With so many options out there, it’s tough to tell what will look good on your body type. And the fit is essential when picking out new clothing. The best jeans are only as good as their shape and stretch.

If you can’t get them over your thighs, for example, they’re probably not going to be comfortable or flattering. We recommend picking up some denim with high-quality stretch and giving yourself 30 minutes in front of a mirror with a measuring tape before trying anything on. It will be time well spent; nothing is worse than buying clothes that don’t fit well!

6.  Trendy Tops

There’s a lot to be said for basic pieces that will never go out of style. That’s why staple tops are a closet must-have: They can take you just about anywhere and look appropriate no matter what event you’re headed to.

When shopping for tops, steer clear of anything too tight or too low-cut; you want tops that cover your midriff or at least have high enough necklines. You should also look for sleeves; sleeveless clothing shows off your upper arms in an unflattering way and is likely to garner negative attention. Plus, when it comes to clothing, there’s no such thing as being overdressed!

7.  Clever Cami’s

A camisole is a classic piece that pairs well with just about anything. Whether you’re wearing it as an undergarment or a layered look, it’s simple to find one in your favouritecolours and prints. It’s also versatile—wear it with jeans, slacks, shorts or a skirt. For added warmth, opt for one made with fleece material instead of cotton or lace. They can be worn as an addition to any outfit or on their own under short-sleeved tops and cardigans. For less coverage than a typical bra, try an off-the-shoulder style.

8.  Essential Sweaters

In fall and winter, there’s nothing better than a cozy sweater. Pair a pretty collared shirt with your favourite pair of jeans, boots and one of our softest cardigans for a look that screams comfort but doesn’t look sloppy.

For extra warmth around your neck (and any other chilly spots you want to cover), layer on an infinity scarf! It’s also perfectly acceptable to trade in your plain white button-down shirt for a striped version; it instantly gives your outfit more personality. Another good idea is buying tops in different colours and patterns—this will make it easier to mix and match with bottoms that you already own.


As you can see, there are many different kinds of clothes that women have in their closets. Of course, everyone has their style and taste when it comes to fashion. Your goal is to find clothing that flatters your body type and makes you feel good about yourself. At Impulse Boutique they always strive to give their customers what they want, which is why our inventory is constantly changing based on trends and customer needs. If you don’t know where to start with your search for new clothes, just take a look at some popular pieces from each category and it will be easy to make up your mind on what looks best on you!

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