Bathroom Space Solution: Slide everything out of your way like an abacus

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Maximizing space in urban housing units has been an important aspect of modern design, leading to the creation of foldaway furniture and combined use appliances like the Futon and the Spacesaver. Now, a new system has brought space maximization to the bathroom in a rather creative manner I must say. The BadKamer (having nothing to do with bad karma) is a bathroom invention named from the Dutch word for bathroom. The Badkamer places the bathroom pieces on sliders so they can be moved around to create space for different functions. When shower space is needed, the pieces are moved to one side. The toilet however, does not move (most likely because toilet plumbing uses bigger pipes that need to stay in place).

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The cabinets are slid together during showering to keep water out from their contents, since the space saving design left them without their own covers. The design is so efficient, that the system can make a space 2 square meters a fully functioning bathroom, which is about a quarter of the size of a regular small bathroom, at roughly 8 square meters. I’m guessing this system will have the added advantage of making the bathroom easy to clean, since the space is so small, and the parts can easily slide out of the way. Truly ingenious concept!
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