8 – Bicycles That Are Pushing the Envelope

The world is fast approaching an energy and resource crisis. However, rather than averting this crisis, it seems like we are approaching it at an even faster rate. Therefore, it is no wonder both the numbers of eco-conscious urban commuters as well as the demand for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation is also increasing. All this is shifting our focus to the most eco-friendly known to humans, that is bicycles. Amongst these too the innovative e-bikes are taking the center stage. It is primarily due to their ability to adapt to different urban environment or conditions. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether you want to opt for bicycles for a healthy lifestyle or as your daily mode of transportation, it is always a convenient option so make sure you use quality bike grease for bearings when maintaining your bike.

Here are eight stylish and practical bikes designs that are likely to appeal both experienced and new cyclists.

1. Williamson Wheelmen Bike

For those who do not want to compromise on luxury while cycling, Williamson Wheelmen Bike is a perfect choice. Limited to just 10 units, each handmade bike is made at Williamson’s factory to give it the authentic touch. The body of the cycle features Columbus Chromalloy steel tubing, and the frame consists of high-end fork, lugs, and stem. The body of the bike comes covered in hand-sewn crocodile or python leather. However, you can even ask the manufacturer to clad it in your choice of leather or other components. Available in three sizes and colors (including tan and copper, navy and copper, and navy and chrome), this limited edition bike is a suitable ride for well heeled.

2. Volata 1c

Do not worry if you cannot afford the luxury Wheelmen Bike. Volata 1c is a slightly cheaper option for bicycle enthusiasts. Starting at $2,499, this smart bike comes integrated with a computer system boasting a 2.4-inch display. On the display, you get all the directions, as well as, fitness information and your smartphone notifications also appear for convenience. The Model 1c has been designed for an urban environment. Therefore, it comes equipped with certain helpful features like built-in horn, automated lights, motion sensor, and GPS-based anti-theft system.

3. Vanmoof T Series

If you live in a small city apartment, then it is obvious that you must be looking for a compact bicycle to easily accommodate in your living space. Keeping tiny house living in mind, Dutch company Vanmoof has created the compact cruiser called T Series. It comes in an aluminium frame with both front and rear disc brakes. Boasting a minimalist design, this bicycle is ideal for populated cities as it can easily go through even the narrowest of roads and after use, it will not even require a huge space for storage. Furthermore, it comes with puncture-resistant tires and front and Philips lights for better clarity at night.

4. Viks Bike

Another durable and stylish bike for the urban environment is the Viks. Made from high-quality stainless steel tubes, this compact bike is lightweight and can adjust of different terrains. It has a unique design consisting of two identical tube frames on either side. For better control features, it includes a coaster brake hub or a fixed gear. It can be customized in various configurations as per the consumer’s preferences. For instance, you can choose it in a desired color or features, depending on the environment of your cityscape.

5. Cyclotron Bike

It looks more like a futuristic bike; hence, it would appeal more to sci-fi enthusiasts. The design and functionality of the Cyclotron bike are the results of three years of testing and development. It features carbon-fiber monocoque body and stylish spokeless wheels. The wheels are integrated with battery-powered lighting and get charged as you pedal. Other features of the bike include airless tires, fully integrated brakes, and electronic gearbox. The bike can also be connected to your smartphone app to keep you updated with your cycling data, as well as, battery status.

6. e-TRIX electric bicycle

e trix 1

With designers from all around the world trying to create sustainable modes of transportation, we get to see interesting concepts every now and then. The e-TRIX electric bicycle, an entry submitted for the Australian Design Award, has been designed to enhance the feel and experience of cycling, thanks to its curvaceous form and an innovative belt drive system. The idea behind the project was to create a bike that blends design and the environment to encourage people of all ages to cycle and become a part of a healthier and cleaner Sydney.

Offering an enticing combination of form and function, the e-TRIX features a design that is rotational molded into one part with metal inserts, instead of bolts or screws. There is a customized area where the cyclist can store his or her personal things. The best part is that the bike folds entirely in half to minimize the storage space.

The e-TRIX can also be stacked into a compact unit and packaged. It can easily be assembled or disassembled with a simple mid-center shaft that holds together the rotating brackets. The e-TRIX electric bicycle hopes to be a part of the on-going efforts for Sydney to meet the sustainable 2030 goals.

7. Pulse Electric bicycle

pulse 01

Developed with a goal of increasing bicycle commuting and creating a class of new transportation, the “Pulse” by industrial designer Timothy Daw is a hybrid bicycle that backs the pedal power with electric propulsion to boost zero-emission commutation with minimum physical efforts. Housing a rechargeable battery system, two 26V lithium-ion batteries for 75 miles of assisted biking, within the rear frame to preserve the aesthetics of the bicycle, the hybrid bike also includes streamlined traffic indicators, headlight and break light to ensure complete safety on cramped city roads. The throttle-controlled 250W motor adds an assisted pedaling experience when biking uphill or into a strong headwind. Moreover, the Pulse folds into a compact size for easy storage and transportation, which makes it a characteristic modern urban vehicle.

8. Rimlock

rim lock 01

How often have you left your bike unlocked and found it missing or at the other corner of town? If it is a frequent episode with you, you would like to have a look at the “Rimlock” bike that locks or disables itself, when not on the road, making life easier for the bikers. All you need to do is put the key inside the hub of bike and twist the rim to disable the bike for the short time. The Rimlock locks up both front and back wheels with a simple turn of the key within no time. If you need more protection, the frame of the bike features a hole where you can use your conventional chain lock.


Electric bikes are increasingly becoming the favorite mode of transportation of urban commuters. This is because bicycles offer a quick, eco-friendly alternative to driving.

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