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Book Bookshelf

If you are a true book lover, no matter how many e-books you have in your e-reader, you keep your favorite books in hardcover and you keep them in a bookshelf. Furthermore, you can’t bear the thought of stowing your books in the corner. You want them to be clean and to be neatly arranged in some sort of a perfect pattern. However, sometimes you might find it difficult to imagine what sort of pattern that should be. To provide you with some inspiration, you’ll find many eye-pleasing bookshelves like Book Bookshelf. These designs not only show innovative ways of arranging books but using them you can also symbolize what type of bibliophile you are. So, to help you out, here are some popular innovative bookshelf designs.

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Book Bookshelf

Book Bookshelf
Finalist of the Spring Greening Contest, the “Book Bookshelf” might not withstand the gloss and elegance of modern-day storage units available in the market; however, it definitely gives true value to the old books by binding them into a bookshelf to accumulate their contemporary counterparts. The Book Bookshelf by Yann Martel and Nick Hornby not just allows the users to flaunt all the titles they (might) have completed, but also help in recycling the useless books to carve innovative furniture (storage) for your living place. Interestingly, the length of the bookshelf varies according to the collection of books of the particular user.

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Some more innovative bookshelves like Book Bookshelf

Book shelves are another essential item in every home and have come along way from the boring little shelf hidden away in some corner of the home. Today they are the central pieces of the home and are can come with additional spaces for the home theatre set, some of them are like wall designs that can add decor to the room and can store a large amount of books thus adding beauty and functionality to the room.

1. The cave bookshelf case:

The cave bookshelf case

This is a smart idea for those people who are avid readers as it allows you to do just that. Moreover, it is a full wall book shelf that has a niche in the middle shaped like a recliner. In addition, it is also the best way for you to grab your favorite book, jump into the recliner and forget about the world. This concept of a book shelf has a simple idea of merging a comfortable seating area with a book case.

2. Fairy tale butterfly:


This is actually a minimalist design and well décor idea that also serves as a book shelf. It is a single piece of stainless steel that has been cut into the shape of a butterfly wing and when the light falls on the wing, the shadow reflects into a full butterfly, the only problem is that it has enough space to place just on book horizontally.

3. Platzhalter Expanding Bookshelf

Platzhalter Expanding Bookshelf

This book shelf seems like an average shelf for books, what is unusual about it is that it literally bursts at the seams. If you collect a lot of books, then this shelf is worth buying, this shelf actually expands horizontally using clever designs techniques that expands the shelf bay a good couple of inches.

4. Repisa N5


This shelf can maximize the square footage and shelf space-created by Sebastián Errázuriz, this shelf basically consists of interconnected slats that you can flick down to create a shelf, so you can be customized it according to your tastes.

5. The bed case:


This is the ideal book storage for small spaces and homes; this is actually a combination of a bed and a book case, the bed comes out as a mattress that can be pieced together like a jigsaw and dismantled and attached to the wall, the spaces that are then created are used to house the books.

6. Back to School

Equation Bookshelf by Marcos Breder

Theme: Equations. Marcos Breder came up with the innovative idea of the Equation Bookshelf which is based on the principle of dividing things according to their priority. The final result is both unique and chic. Important books or books which you have need of on a regular basis can be placed together between (parentheses). There is even some space left on the bookshelf for pictures or other treasured keepsakes. Other items or books can be set between {braces} and [square brackets].

Theme: Geometry. Cosmo Shelves are the perfect solution for fans of modern shelving methods. These shelves are made up solely of rectangular shapes or squares with rounded edges. You can pick up this shelf in two colours – black and white. Simple to mount, the shapes can be positioned differently to offer a new look every time you need one. The asymmetrical, multi-sized Quad Bookcase is another interesting piece of furniture.

Theme: Shape. Designed by Ron Arad, the Bookworm is able to store magazines, DVDs and books. The whole case is made up of plastic and can be moulded into any conceivable shape.

7. Material Value

FlexiTube conceptualised by Doris Kisskalt

The FlexiTube conceptualised by Doris Kisskalt is portable and can transform into a clear room partitioner. This amazing tub is capable of rolling and fitting into any small corner and can be changed into the shape of a shelf. The different elements are supported by their velvety texture. Each tube contains a storage shelf within it which act as a visual horizontal line. Available in two sizes.

The Ellipse Bookcase is bound to improve the overall look of a room because of its unique design. The product is also quite natural being made up of sheets of wood veneer and durable elm tree wood. The shelves are protected by unrolled bamboo. However, this particular case is definitely not meant for storing a ton of books.

8. Pulse Bookshelf

pulse bookshelf 1

Check your pulses, it may get excited and would start jumping faster after seeing this pulse design, well it’s a bookshelf that looks just like a pulse! This pulse bookshelf is a remarkable and innovative creation. This outstanding piece is designed by Mans Salomonsen. The design highlights its usefulness and creativity, mostly it generates an interest in bookshelves. This is a great idea to keep books, magazines, DVDs and also other accessories on this heart pulse going up and down! On the whole, it’s a great item indeed, and an ideal stuff for keeping books in a small room. But I think it should be slightly bigger for getting extra storage, as a book lover I need a bookshelf for keeping more and more books not just a simple showpiece.

9. Techtonic Bookcase

Techtonic Bookcase

If you are a hasty reader and want to read all the books in the world at once then try Techtonic Bookcase. It will reflect the shaky excitement that you have for books.

10. Tree Bookshelf

This one is for slow readers who want to read complex books that deserve a slow reading. You can arrange books in a definite pattern on this shelf. For example, you can keep the easy books on the lower branches and the difficult ones on the higher branches.

11. Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Invisible Floating Bookshelf

It’s for the people who don’t want their bookshelves to obstruct their communion with their books. This bookshelf will make it look as if your books are hanging weightlessly on the wall.

12. Hex Bookshelf

Obsessed with chemistry? Here’s the perfect bookshelf for you.

13. CT Line Bookshelf

CT Line Bookshelf

One of the most artistically innovative and funky bookshelves out there. The shelves of this bookshelf are constructed diagonally. So, you’ll only be able to see your books only from one side.

14. Malagana: Equilibrium Bookcase

Another choice for the hasty readers out there.

15. Industrial Corner Pipes

Industrial Corner Pipes

Image Source :

It’s for those who are obsessed with both books and metal pipes. I don’t know if there are people with such diverse tastes. But, who cares? It looks cool, doesn’t it?

16. FlexiTube

It’s more like a movable shelf that also works as a room partition but no one can stop you from using it as a bookshelf.

17. Osuna Bookshelf

Osuna Bookshelf

This is for the ones who love mathematics in general and geometry in particular. It’s sharp, disciplined and beautiful.

18. Letterkast Bookshelf

If there’s one word that books remind you of then you can enclose all your books in that particular word. Apparently, read is the most popular one.

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