Change Up Your Living Space, Without Breaking the Bank

Once you have lived in a space for so long, it is natural to become tired and bored with it. Unfortunately, a room in a house is not like an old pair of jeans. You can’t just buy a new house because you are tired of the old one. What you can do is breathe new life into a space by integrating various design elements that affect the look and feel of the space — and give you the much-needed change you’ve been craving for.

Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging Room Dividers

If you are looking for a classy way to create a space within a space, curtain style hanging room dividers are an elegant and effective way to achieve this. These divider panels come in a variety of fabrics, textures and colors – so choosing one that fits your design goals is relatively simple. These partitions are simple to install and require minimal hardware to make them functional.

Hanging room dividers do what you can’t do in a rented space – they add a wall! Large studio spaces and small apartments both have a tendency to openly flow from one space to the next with no severance. This can make the space extremely dull and hard to personalize because everything feels like the same room. Hanging room dividers create privacy, add structure and provide a more intimate setting in a formerly very open space.

Window Treatments


Another great tip for reinventing your space is to change your window treatments. Windows are probably the most versatile design feature in the room. There are infinite ways to dress a window and making even the smallest change can really alter the look and feel of a room. A window’s primary function is to let in light – and light in a room affects how large or small a person’s eyes perceive the room to be. If you are looking to open up a space, try lightweight sheer curtains in a light color, like pale yellow or champagne. If you are looking to make an area feel smaller or make a space feel more secluded and intimate – try a heavier panel in a darker color. In a home-office, try pairing a structured blind with a mid-thickness panel. It gives you the option to let light in or completely keep it out depending on the setting you need at the time.

Colors, Prints, and Patterns

Contemporary rugs

One of the easiest ways to give your space a facelift is to change the visual! Throw pillow covers, sofas, blankets, rugs, upholstery and wall decor prints in a variety of lively colors and prints is a surefire way to add new life to a room and the best part is that you can change these components anytime! Adding a bright fluffy rug or an interesting piece of hanging art is an easy way to add to a room without going through a complete redesign! Decor inspiration can be found anywhere you go – so never be afraid to see what other people have done with their spaces and accordingly, take the components you love for your own space.

While you can’t pick up and move every time you get bored with your living space, you can implement some small changes that can really change the space without changing the structure. Features like dividers, window treatments and home decor are easy ways to restructure, repurpose and change the tone of a space with minimal effort and can easily be personalized to really work with your own personal style.

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