Smart Gadgets That Can Help to Save and Reuse Water

The problem of the water crisis is increasing rapidly all over the world. With the less availability of water, it has become necessary to conserve water by every human being. Many technologically advanced gadgets are available that can help in saving and reusing water more efficiently. These devices are easy to use and offer smart features for conserving the water. These gadgets employ the latest designs and extraordinary working mechanisms in their functionality.

  1. Eco Shower Heads

The eco-friendly showerhead is a great way to save water. These showerheads employ a smart technology to give the user a feel of high pressure while consuming less water than usual showerheads. These eco-friendly showerheads inject air directly into the water stream and pulses water 30-40 times a second to conserve water without compromising the performance. These showerheads cost only a few bucks more than the conventional shower heads but saves lot of water during their operation and also helps in reducing the water bills.

  1. The Washup

Washup is a gadget, which reuses water and is perfect for people who are living in small apartments. The basic idea behind Washup is to attach a washing machine right above the toilet basin. The design of this smart gadget is such that the water used by the washing machine for cleaning and rinsing the clothes would go the flush tank of the toilet that you can use to flush the toilet after its use. There are minor hiccups in the design of the device but is an efficient gadget to reuse the water.

  1. Drop-A-Brick


The Drop-A-Brick is a brick-shaped product that you can put in your toilet tank to save water. It is a block that has made from natural rubber and gel, which will displace about half a gallon of water. The smart brick is capable of reducing the water usage up to 3,000 gallons per year. The Drop-A-Brick has a weight of just 0.18 pounds, which is unlike normal brick. Moreover, it does mess up with your plumbing by disintegrating it. The brick comes with dye tablets, which can help you to detect toilet leaks.

  1. Phyto-Purification Bathroom

Phyto-Purification Bathroom is a mini eco-system, which can recycle and regenerate gray water. This Bathroom uses natural filtering principle and combines modern design with nature. The innovative bathroom has a hydraulic system that channels gray water through a collection of plants. The sand of the plants provides initial cleaning with the roots of plants removing the heavy metals and bacteria from the water. The plants use photo-purification process to clean the water and produce additional oxygen to make your house more refreshed.

  1. The Filterbrella

Andrew Leinonen has designed and developed the Filterbrella, which is an umbrella to use the rainwater. It is an eco-friendly gadget, which has a compostable canopy and a hollow rod that has a carbon filter fitted inside. When you move in the rain while holding the Filterbrella, the raindrops flows through the hollow rod into the carbon filter, which purifies the water. The water after the purification flows down into the bottle, which is present in the base of the hollow rod. There you got potable water, which is even fit for drinking.

  1. Waterpebble

Waterpebble is a small disc-shaped gadget that places itself in the plughole of the shower. It measures and memorizes the amount of water the user is using. It flashes green light at the beginning of the shower. When you are halfway your shower it flashes yellow light. When it flashes the red light, it means that you have to stop your shower because you have reached your water usage limit. 

These advanced gadgets are very helpful in saving and reusing the water. Using these devices is simple and reduces your annual water bills.Overall, these devices are best to save the water in an efficient manner.

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