Unique hammer designs which will leave you amazed

Hammer is one of the most common as well as one of the most useful tools. These days one can find hammers with innovative designs and multipurpose uses. These are specially designed so that they minimize the frequency of hurting your fingers and wrists.

  1. B A hammer

This hammer has been designed by SnežanaJeremić. The modular heads in these hammers are of different shapes and sizes. These heads are of different weights. You can easily detach and store these modular heads. Just make use of different permutations and combinations of the modular heads as per your requirement. B A hammer is thus useful for multipurpose use and can be stored easily.

  1. Hammelean hammer

This hammer will not put unnecessary excess pressure on the user’s wrists and hands. You can even adjust the angle of the head of the hammer based on your requirement. This hammer is designed in such a way that your wrist does not experience pain.

The angle of the hammer can be adjusted and hence it becomes easier to fix a nail in the wall.The angles can be adjusted with the help of the marked gradations. Hammelean helps in accurate hammering without straining your wrist.

  1. Unihammer

This hammer is designed in such a way so that there is very little chance of hurting your fingers when you use Unihammer. The designer of this hammer is Ji-youn Kim. The hammer is designed in a cleverway so that it is possible to hold the nail without actually having the fingers close to the nail.

This uniquely designed hammer actually helps you do your job of fixing the nail and also makes sure that your fingers are safe. With the help of this hammer, one can hold the nail in perpendicular position without placing the fingers close to the nail. This reduces the chances of hurting your fingers while hammering the nail.

  1. Hammer Concept

In this design, a modern touch is given to the conventional hammer. This hammer has heads which have different weights and these heads can be changed. This hammer is designed in such a way that it gives customised solutions depending on the requirement of the people. The design of the hammer is simple and visually very appealing.

The main inspiration behind this hammer is the customisation options that are available in the video gaming mice. The main purpose of designing this hammer was to have an innovatively designed hammer which looks good,one which is simple to use and one which is tough and robust.

  1. Nail Hammer

Now here is a hammer which will take care of your nail storage part. This hammer is designed by Ahjin Choi and Jinsoo Cho. This is a normal looking hammer but with a twist. Instead of using the handle only for holding purpose it is being put to some more use. The handle is used to store nails. The hammer has a sliding door which shows your nails. Just tilt the hammer slightly and procure your nails easily.

This makes your life easy as now you do not need to search for nails as you can store them in the handle of this uniquely designed hammer. Thus this hammer can be used for hammering as well as storage purpose. Making use of the handle as a depository for nails is definitely an ingenious idea.

These innovatively designed hammers make your work easy. Some designs also ensure the safety of your hands,wrist and fingers while there are some hammer designs which make this useful tool more resourceful. These hammers truly have outstanding concepts which are simply superb.

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