Citroen Metronest – An all-electric car inspired by a bird’s nest

Citroen Metronest

Car designs inspired by naturalistic elements certainly present an exclusively novel side to automotive affairs. And latest in the line of this fascinating progression is the all-electric Citroen Metronest, a graduation project of Korean Hong-ik University’s final year student Sangmin Lee. Supposedly influenced by a bird’s nest, the structural attribute of the concept car can prove to be revolutionary from the perspective of a connective form and its intrinsic binding essence.

A bird’s nest epitomizes a wholesome organic form that provides satisfactory levels of shelter and resistance by utilization of natural materials such as twigs, grass and leaves. According to the designer, this compact spatial element signifies the making of an ultimate structure in terms of protection, ventilation and heat regulation. And in analogy to such an efficient system, he has contrived of a body structure supported by multi-layered elastic elements. This irregular ‘branching’ system will form an intrinsic part of the overall structural characteristic of the car.

Car components like the electric motor and radiator grille would be kept on the left section, while the batteries will be kept on the right for optimum space utilization. Furthermore, the already enhanced aerodynamics of a Citreon will be further accentuated by this advanced structural design consideration.

Via: CarDesign

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