Dual Seat Adult Tricycle helps you sit next to your partner while biking

dual seat adult tricycle

Tricycle is the father of our modern day bicycle. Although many people might say that it is outdated, but that’s not exactly the case. There are certain groups of people who still prefer the classic tricycle over the modern bicycle. It is especially easier to ride for the elederly and the differentially abled. Below are some of the most innovative tricycle that you would find out in the market.

dual seat adult tricycle

The above-pictured Dual Seat Adult Tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle meant for more than one or two rider. It’s much more reliable, safer and fantastic to ride than the conventional two wheelers. Available in different sizes, strengths, and abilities to ride together with each rider pedaling at their own rate, the three wheeler doesn’t cause any harm to the riders as the speed of the bike gets automatically adjusted.

This trike is 44.5” wide and weighs about 600 pounds, with three gears, a dual coaster brake, and front drum brake for the riders. The seat is 26.75” above the ground level and it provides comfortable car-like seating. The trikes also have a easy step through frame, which has some level of electric power assistance like a battery-operated electric drive system, making them useful for climbing hills, longer rides and support for those impaired to pedaling ability.

The vehicle comes with extra assistance like thumb operated throttle on the handlebar with battery boost kicks and activating front wheel electric motor. The battery is powerful enough and can be recharged within four to six hours with an average ability to travel four to ten miles depending on the riding conditions.

dual seat adult tricycle 01
dual seat adult tricycle 02
dual seat adult tricycle 03



Some More Tricycle Concepts that would help you get into the groove

Engineers and designers are redefining every possible invention that took place years ago. They are not just redefining but adding some high tech features in them. Even tricycles have taken a new shape, from simple to sleek and sophisticated designs. Below are some amazing tricycle designs that are worth trying once.

1. Half a Bike

Half a Bike

Half a bike is designed by Kolelinia is a combination of cycling and running. You can now move around your city with style and fun. It comes in a compact size and the lightweight allows you to carry it on the longer trips. It gives you a new way to experience the ride as it glides smoothly on the road.

2. Eco friendly Tricycle

Eco friendly Tricycle

Irina Alexandru has kept the future in mind where due to rise in fuel prices will result in more use of pedal powered vehicles. The all weather concept tricycle is stylish and provides a comfortable sitting position to the user and the vehicle is fully covered that in result will protect the user from rain to bright sunny days.

3. Solar Cool Tricycle

Solar Cool Tricycle

The Solar Cool Tricycle is designed by Aija Golubeva consists of solar panels on its roof. The vehicle has a removable cooling section that can be charged from another supply during the night.

4. FWD Human Powered Vehicle Concept

FWD Human Powered Vehicle

FWD Human Powered vehicle concept is something in between a bicycle or tricycle. It gives the taste of both worlds with some best modern features. The seat can be adjusted according to the height of a user. You can keep your belongings inside the box that is behind the seat. This eco friendly vehicle is designed by the design by Eric Pautz, Carolina Defferrari, Leo Joas and Patrícia Campiol.

5. Gyula Tiszai’s Tringa

Gyula Tiszai’s Tringa

Industrial designer Gyula Tiszai has came up with an innovative tricycle design. The tricycle can be folded and can easily be taken to any place. It is easy to drive and has a comfortable seat. Tringa is certainly a futuristic vehicle full equipped with best features.

6. XE Tricycle Bike

xe tricycle bike 9ag2x 58

The very image of a tricycle revives childhood memories when I used to paddle my three-wheeled bike through the house. But riding a tricycle now and that too on the highway – Well sounds neat but fantastic! However, the new tricycle by Omer Sagiv is a bike design with a difference that has entirely changed my erroneous perception of a tricycle. Called the XE Tricycle Bike, the new vehicle is not just an electric bike, but it also works as an exercise-cycle. The users can charge the batteries while sweating out on the XE Tricycle that could later be used to power the bike. You cannot expect a better idea for keeping yourself fit without losing the pace of life.

Design Status:

xe tricycle bike 3 2HvdH 58

The XE Tricycle Bike is a concept bike design that would be low-cost and easy companion to move on the road.


xe tricycle bike 1 pB82T 58

The XE Tricycle Bike is not just an innovative bike design; it will also provide an eco-friendly ride that will help in sustaining the environment. It’ll be an ideal bike for city commuters who need not spare extra time for sweating out in the gym, as they would be able to do their routine exercises on the go with this bike.

7. Try-Cycle

trycycle1 c9pl5 5784 OJ7vD 3858

Having always held tricycle as something lame, I was in for an eye opener with Try-cycle. A mode of individual transportation, this concept by Humberto Jimenez provides novel way of handling the vehicle and interacting with the environment. Instead of the seat located directly over the two wheels, Try-cycle has the rider seated upon the single wheel. The turning and balancing act is undertaken with the help of incline control buttons, conveniently located on the handle itself. Press the button on the side that you wish to turn to and one of the auxiliary wheels will be displaced forward leading to the necessary incline.

LEDs are provided aplenty and the ride is fit enough to be made use of at night. Replicating the normal pedal movement, Try-cycle at no point involves the use of a motor and hence is eco-conscious. Humberto describes this one as fit for anyone “who expects new emotions on wheels” and I’d definitely concur. This concept might pose problems in moving from the drawing board to production but once there, it would excite any and everyone who comes into contact. Some more pictures of this green concept follow.

8. ONUO Electric Tricycle

o nu o electric tricycle

Intended towards older riders ranging between 50 to 70 years, the “ONUO” by British designer Isaac Barrett is an electric tricycle to cover short distances for everyday shopping, providing a clean alternative to fueled vehicles. Integrating a trolley capable of holding about five shopping bags, the trike concept utilizes maximum space whilst minimizing the efforts on part of the user. The trolley freewheels at the rear to slide in the generous space (480mm) between the rear wheels of the tricycle. In order to familiarize the user with the design, the motion of loading the trolley is similar to the belt connecting supermarket trolleys.

There is no connecting axle between the rear wheels to utilize maximum space, while the frame adopts a forked frame inspired by motorcycle swing arms, which gives it a sporty yet elegant side profile. Featuring the frame and wheels finished in carbon fiber, the trike generates power from a battery pack, which hooks up to the brushless hub motor in the front with a connecting wire, to move at 15mph. The battery utilizes Carbon Nano-tube technology, which can store 100 times more energy than standard lithium ion batteries.

These powered pedal vehicles add stability and enhances your fun. These vehicles have taken the riding of tricycles to another direction. With the use of these vehicles, you can explore a new world. Add style and novelty in your riding experience.

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